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  • Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum
    75 N. Water St., Poughkeepsie, NY, 12601

Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum
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Love it there!

  5 of 5

My kids get SO excited about trips to this museum. Fun and interactive, truly educational, not a bad thing to say about this place. We love it.

-Beruriah D.

Can be fun on free days

  3 of 5

I've been the the children's museum on several occasions. When my little guy was about 3 (he's now 5), we took him for the first time. I had never been to the museum previous to this and didn't know what to expect. It was frustrating that they charge full admission for adults, even though the museum really has little to nothing for adults to do. The exhibits are usually the same, also. It's a nice thing to do on a rainy day, but I was not overly impressed. Would go again on free days or for birthday parties but I can find much better (cheaper) things to do!

-Lauren D.

A good way to spend an afternoon

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I really like this place as a mother of 2 young boys. But over the past years I have been seeing that they are really coming down on their displays. Lot of displays are either broken or does not work the way it is intended to. It is such a nice place in the neighborhood. I really wish it is taken good care of!

-Sandhya R.

Hands On

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The museum is awesome for children! The museum has stations that are hands on and engaging! I feel we walk away learning so much.

-Katrina L.

Fun family outing

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I loved going to the children's museum. It is a close enough drive and reasonably priced. I had also gotten free passes at my local library which I thought was great do we could keep going back. With a family of four and being on a budget.

-Direen K.

Fun while learning

  3 of 5

If I rated this over a year ago, I would have rated it a 4. While there's so much to do and it's great that children can have fun while learning, I rated it lower for 3 reasons. 1)They charge PER person, not per child. So if you go with your spouse or grandparents, expect to pay for everyone. Last I saw it was $7 per person. There's a loophole, go during a free night which is usually every 3rd Saturday from 5-8. If you go often, get a membership. 2)They recently removed a lot of the better exhibits upstairs. My son was very upset that the bubble exhibit is no longer there. 3)Accessibility, or lack thereof. Going in a wheelchair is near impossible. I had to be wheeled up through the front entrance, where it's VERY steep and the sidewalk broken up and then go through their offices with tons of obstacles. Also, there isn't any sort of gate at the top of the stairs. So, if you have toddlers you need to pretty much guard the stairs while you're up there, which makes it difficult if you have more than 1 child. Now that all the negatives are out of the way, my kids really DO enjoy themselves. The location is great, it's right next to the river. I really do like the place also, I feel that my kids are safe and comfortable when there. Most of the staff is great, although some of the volunteers are teenagers and could care less about being there. All in all, go on a free night and enjoy!!!!

-Gizella D.

Fun way to spend an afternoon

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My 2 year old son likes to come here to play in the toddler area and pretend play areas downstairs. This is a good way to spend a rainy morning or afternoon.

-Kristin H.

Nice indoor option

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This is a great indoor activity for a not so nice day. It's not very expensive and appeals to many ages. I've gone with my daughter at 1 1/2 and at 5 and she as enjoyed it all times.

-Danielle S.

Fun while learning

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They have a ton of activities for the kids that educate them while having fun. I went on a school trip with my son the first time and then had to go back again! Our favorite is when you enclose yourself in a bubble'

-Lori L.

Mid Hudson Children's Museum - fun for the whole family!

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We first experienced the MHCM at a friends party for her daughter's second birthday party. We had no idea what to expect since our girls were only 15 months old at the time. We thought they could not participate in anything and would be bored. We were very wrong! There is a toddler area that changes often and everything is geared toward exploration and perfectly sized for tiny explorers. There are a few main exhibits that seem to stay the same and it is fun watching my kids come back to their favorites. What I love most is this entire museum is hands on and encourages interaction. From dressing as a fire fighter, to baking in the bakery or shopping at the market. The dinosaur excavation pit is a huge hit with my girls, as well as the water table with rubber ducks and the submarine experience exhibit. You can tell someone has put a lot of time and thought into keeping kids busy and feeding their imaginations!

-Roxanne F.

Rainy/cold fun!

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My 2 year old loves going here. I love the dramatic play areas. My son is obsessed with the fire truck. It's also nice they have a gated baby play area for the younger guys. They have lots of math/science upstairs for older kids but it's still appealing to my 2yr old. It's a nice change of pace!

-Kate-Lynn C.

Something for everyone

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My children love the museum!! The drums, dramatic play areas, and water activities were a big hit! We visit more during this time of the yr when the weather is getting colder. I know they can hold birthday parties there, but I am not sure of the pricing. Overall, there is something for everyone!

-Annie M.

something for everyone

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Special events offered throughout the year are fun for all ages. We love the art projects, teller machine, little grocery area, firetruck, trains, dinosaur foot and radio booth. It's right on the river and you can take the elevator up to the walkway soon. Many great little restaurants in the area too. Not an all day event, but fun for a few hours. Membership is nice because you can use it all over the US.

-Katie S.

Nice on a rainy day!

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Havent been there in a few years, but my son enjoyed it. Variety of things to do but could use some revamping. But who knows maybe they did since Ive been there. I look froward to bringing my baby girl when she is a little older.

-Danielle G.

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Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum

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