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  • Beacon Craft Workshop
    Howland Cultural Center, 477 Main St., Beacon, NY, 12508

Beacon Craft Workshop
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Great teacher and friend!

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I have worked with Ilana as a co-teacher in various educational settings and I admire the way she interacts with her students. In a gentle and respectful way, she guides children to observe, question and think creatively. She also brings her love of nature into most every workshop. My 5 year old daughter has participated in several of Ilana's workshops and adored them all. As a parent and a teacher, I highly recommend Ilana's Beacon Craft Workshop!

-Alice S.

My daughter is so proud of her creations!

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My daughter is always excited to sign up for workshops with Beacon Craft Workshop. She comes home with ingenious crafts that she takes great pride in and gives her ideas to make her own crafts.

-Amy M.

Amazing classes

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My Daughter (age 6) has been to nearly every class Ilana has offered here in Beacon. She always comes out with her little mind a whirl with new crafting ideas and a wonderful piece to show for it. In talking to her I have learned that Ilana has a great balance of patience and persistence to get amazing results in the craft work and my girl has so much fun she barely stops talking about it. (And this is a sweet little girl who never likes to discuss school or any other activities!)

-Art B.

Lovely time creating with Ilana

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Beacon Craft Workshop's classes are creative and gentle. My daughter can't have enough of them. So happy to have Ilana in our area!

-Michelle M.

Great ART class

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Ilana's creative art classes are well thought out, organized, and a lot of fun. My 4 year old son, who rarely sits for 5 min, LOVED Ilana's classes. He came home so proud of the work he did and couldn't wait to show his art to his papa. liana's art classes are a must experience!

-Christine S.

We love the Beacon Craft Workshop!

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Ilana is kind, creative, and nurtures the most amazing crafts out of kids! My daughter loves her, and is looking forward to taking more classes with her "art teacher". We are so happy to have found Ilana, she is a fabulous teacher!

-Paula K.

Love the craft workshop!

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The beacon craft workshop is amazing. We've had our 5 yr old in a number of the clay classes offered, he loves being able to create in such a safe space. Ilana is a great teacher and the program is wonderful highly recommend!

-Regina W.

Come for the crafts, stay for the teaching.

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All of the Beacon Craft Workshops have inspired my daughter creatively with their offered activities. The real magic is in the teaching she receives, and the way it is imparted in the group setting. The way she is spoken to, and learns to treat the other children and their ideas is something uncommonly found. These courses are a gift.

-Melissa G.

Excellent Art Claases by Teacher that Grows Each Child

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My four year old has taken several workshops and classes with Ilana. My daughter is introverted but immediately felt so comfortable in her class. Ilana's approach is gentle, kind and exciting and brings new pespectives to art for kids of all ages. She's individualized in her approach and really values, and helps her students recognize, each child's own artistic process. She gets kids and makes art fun and uses interesting materials and developmentally appropriate goals to engage her students. Her background as a classroom teacher really comes through as her students gain more than just an artistic experience.

-Jill R.

Good times, great art!

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My daughter had a great time and produced some exceptionally lovely and creative projects at Beacon Craft Workshop. Ilana is very respectful of the children and their individual potential. The materials and ideas she brings are well considered and good quality. I'm sure she will bring forth beautiful work from your child as well.

-Sara B.

Creativity starts here!

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If you want to see your child reach a new creative level, under the care and expertise of a one of a kind teacher, this is the place to be. Highly recommended!

-Kim T.

These workshops are the best!

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Ilana has an endless supply of wonderful, creative project ideas, and she's terrific with all kinds of kids. Highly recommended.

-Gwynne W.

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Beacon Craft Workshop

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