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  • Musical Munchkins of Orange
    Classes offered in New Windsor, Cornwall, Highland Mills-Woodbury, Goshen weekdays, evenings, Saturdays- Summer, fall, winter, spring
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Musical Munchkins of Orange
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Musical Munchkins Rocks!

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My son has been attending Musical Munchkins of Orange County since the age of 7 months and continues to LOVE it! Miss Andrea is great with all the kids and always finds a way to adapt to each child's development level. She brings joy and enthusiasm through her music and dancing. Musical Munchkins offers a fun and educational experience for children to work on their developmental milestones with activities that touch on all development stages - Gross & Fine Motor Skills, Cognitive, Social & Emotional and Speech & Language. Not only do we enjoy the live music, but we love the originals songs. We look forward to attending Musical Munchkins for many years to come!

-Stephanie S.

Musical melody

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It is so much fun to see my 3 year old have fun at the musical munchkins classes. He loves to also listen and sing to the songs from the cd when we are headed out on a car ride. Not only is it educational but also getting their music talent out in the open.

-Suma D.

Musical Fun!

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Such a great music program for babies on up! Miss Andrea is a wonderful teacher. We look forward to singing and dancing each Monday with the other toddlers!

-Carlyn J.

Great music class for my baby

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My daughter and I began attending Musical Munchkins classes when she was only three months old. Miss Andrea's gentle and kind demeanor toward babies of all ages was evident immediately, and she structures each song and activity so that babies of all ages can participate. We have had a great time so far, and look forward to continuing our Musical Munchkins experience as my daughter grows!

-Ann S.

Ms. Andrea Rocks!!

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Although my one year old daughter doesn't speak yet, she certainly expresses herself through music. When we attend musical munchkins each week, it is as though a spark ignites inside of her, and she feels the music. She has recently started to show excitement when we walk into the building where music class is held. We always listen to the CD in the car, and I will hear her hands clapping and see her body moving in the baby mirror when her favorite songs come on. For someone who doesn't speak yet, she sure lets us know how much she loves music. I am looking forward to many more years of musical magic with Miss Andrea!!

-Nikki S.


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Musical Munchkins is tailored to your child's age. The music and songs are fun and simple to learn. My children sing the songs they learn at Musical Munchkins around the house. I always highly recommend to all my friends.

-Leona C.

Musical munchkins

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It's just been a wonderful experience for my kid. He was having some interest in music before, as we started this class, he is even more interested. And miss. Andrea is just great with kids. I highly recommend this program for kids.

-Suma D.

Fun with Music

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Hunter loves music class. We listen to our cd in the car all the time. He loves to dance, bounce and stomp his feet all aorund the house.. Ms. Andrea is great with the kids. My only regret is that we didnt start ealier..

-Suzanne L.

Music Intro

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My granddaughter looks forward to Wednesdays and Musical Munchkins. She'll hear a song and tell me" Miss Andrea sings that, she's a nice lady!".....

-peg b.

Muscial babies!

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It's very hard finding a program tailored specifically for your child's age. I was so happy to find Musical Munchkins for my 6 month old baby! My daughter loves it and respondes so well to the activities done in class.

-Josephine C.

Amazing music time for my toddler

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My son adores music, so it was a no-brainer to sign him up for music classes. We did a lot of research and settled on Musical Munchkins of Orange County. We have not been disappointed. Miss Andrea is fantastic with the little ones, and the class is a good balance of "old favorites" (the repitition that toddlers love) and new experiences. I highly recommend it.

-Ingrid S.

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Musical Munchkins of Orange

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