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  • Orthopedic Associates of Dutchess County
    400 Westgate Business Center Dr., Fishill, NY, 12524

Orthopedic Associates of Dutchess County
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Favorite Doc 2018

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He works wonders. He saved my hand many years ago so I can still today enjoy playing softball and baseball.

-AJ F.

Favorite Doc 2018

  5 of 5

This doctor has been the rock my daughter has needed throughout her years long journey caring for her genetic disorder. He has actively learned about something he was previously marginally familiar with and helped us to learn as well. He has, through his efforts, helped to maintain her quality of life! I would recommend this man, who is compassionate, understanding, willing to listen and capable of seeing humor for anyone with orthopedic needs

-Barbara F.

Favorite Doc 2017

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Very gentle and caring doctor.

-Mary C.

Favorite Doc 2017

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He is very knowledgeable in hands and wrists and he takes the time to explain conditions and talk about patient concerns.

-Jacelyn O.

Favorite Doc 2017

  5 of 5

Dr. DeMarco was the best for my son when he broke his finger. He had a open fracture and dr. Demarco reset the finger and my son did not feel any pain during the whole recovery process. He was professional and fun which was perfect for my eight year old.

-Kimberly A.

Favorite Doc 2016

  5 of 5

-Joella C.

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Orthopedic Associates of Dutchess County

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