Have you talked to your kids yet about gay marriage?

HV Parent conducts very unscientific survey

The results of our facebook poll are in, and the question was, "have you talked to your kids about gay marriage?"  Out of our 7 responses (well, we only had it up for a week):

5 said "yes",
1 said "not yet," and
1 said "no." 

So, if we were to do the math, about 75% have already discussed it..and that's a heartening thought. Whether or not you approve, it's everywhere: on TV and in the papers; our kids are going to have questions.  And, it's best if they talk to the caring adults in their lives.  

Our next poll?  We hear about twittering this and twittering that, and we at HV Parent are wondering.."are our HV parents tweeting?" 

Visit our facebook page and vote.  In the meantime, I'm going to learn how to do a fancy-schmancy Excel pie chart to give our results a bit of pizzazz.