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Dutchess County SPCA Offers Summer Tips for Pets

Thunderstorms and fireworks can be stressful for our pets

Hudson Valley pet owners need to remember that pets can get stressed with some of the typical summer activities that we humans take for granted.

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With the start of the summer season, the Dutchess County SPCA offers tips for pet owners concerned about their pets’ reactions to loud noises. This time of year, noises from fireworks and thunderstorms can upset pets and can even cause damage to their hearing. Pets can become terrified of loud noises. They cannot control their reactions. Pets may try to run away or otherwise escape the noise. They may injure themselves in the attempt to get away.


“Our companion animals suffer from loud noises just like we do. It is so important that we provide special care to ensure their well-being,” said Joyce Garrity, Executive Director, Dutchess County SPCA.


The Dutchess County SPCA advises that pet owners take the following precautions for pets:


•Pet owners have many options to protect their pets such as moving them to a quieter location inside the home, or to a different home when loud noises are predicted. Consider ways to deaden noises such as shutting doors, windows and drapes.  Provide your pet with toys to distract them.


•Secure your pets’ area to prevent them from escaping. Bring pets inside and secure any cat or dog doors. Make sure pets have ID tags and microchips in case they do run away.


•Never use fireworks around pets. Fireworks can cause injuries to pets and harm their hearing. Pets can have unpredictable reactions to the noises and lights.


•Do not bring your pets with you to view fireworks shows. Animals can develop stronger fears over time so one that did not seem to mind the show last year may react with more fear this year.


•We encourage pet owners to work with their veterinarian and trainers on ways to lessen pets’ anxieties. Medications, herbal remedies, training aids, thunder shirts, and other techniques can help soothe pets. Each animal is different so pet owners need to create unique plans for each pet. Consult with your veterinarian before giving medications to your pet or when combining herbal remedies with prescription medication.


•Do not leave pets outside during a storm.

The Dutchess County SPCA, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, is the lead agency for animal rescue and adoption in Dutchess County. The DCSPCA is a no-kill shelter with a 140-year history of concern, caring and providing shelter for unwanted, abused, abandoned and neglected animals. The Dutchess County SPCA rescues, shelters, and secures permanent homes for adoptable companion animals; advocates for the highest standards of animal care; and enforces animal cruelty laws throughout Dutchess County.