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the swings are always a hit even at James Baird State Park  Adventures of Abby Girl

James Baird State Park Turtle Playground

Mar 15, 2019

James Baird State Park Turtle Playground is an awesome fairly new playground that was gaining a lot of buzz last year. It's not just fun but educational too!

 Gabrielle Burton

You are Miserably Invited!

Jul 28, 2018

"Self-Pity is never useful. It tends to distort life like a fun-house mirror." Anne Rolphe

wildthing  Joan Miller Healthy Life

Yoga Class: Where the Wild Things Are

Mar 18, 2019

Side Plank to Wild Thing is a challenging, core-building yoga flow.

How to take better photos, photo tips, kids photos, how to  Kate Callahan

10 Fun Pictures You Can Take Of Your Kids This Spring

Mar 20, 2019

Need tips for better spring photos? Try out these 10 suggestions.

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Staycation in Cold Spring

Feb 28, 2019

Historic downtown, picturesque waterfront & the most amazing local food!

 Nicole Cunningham

The Most Affordable Superfood Ever!!

Jun 26, 2018

Have you ever tried collard greens? Did you know they are a superfood and are very budget friendly!

superhero mom parenting middle school tweens  REAL TALK- Parenting Teens

Boots, Bands and Bangles: Not all Superheroes Wear Capes

Jan 10, 2019

Did I sign up for this drama? Where are those ricocheting cuffs? How about that dangling turtle shell– I could use some cover. Nope - don’t have a cross bow or elastic powers. I can only summon my superhuman strength when needed at Mom & Co.

asd, autism, special needs, parenting, mom blog, am writing, special education, early education, early intervention  Sailing The Spectrum

There's No Accomplishment Too Small

Jul 26, 2018

Having a constant visual gives me the motivation I need to keep trying new things with my son, even when it seems like nothing is sinking in.


A Year in the Life: May Musings

May 25, 2017

A homeschool mom shares what's on her mind as the school year winds down and the allure of summer waits ahead.

The Birthday Boy and the Failed Photo Shoot  The Looking Glass

Learning From The First Birthday!

Feb 21, 2019

Blog discusses the perceptions we obtain after celebrating a child's first birthday.

Dr. Padma Garvey/The Plant-Based Doctor Mom  The Plant-Based Doctor Mom

Cervical Cancer: Understanding The New Pap Smear Guidelines

Aug 5, 2018

Better knowledge about the causes of cervical cancer and greater access to screening have vastly improved the statistics on cervical cancer

 The Whatever Mom

6 Simple Fat Tuesday Traditions for Families

Feb 27, 2019

Whether you are a working parent, or stay at home parent, or just a family on the go, here are 6 easy activities to let the good times roll on a Tuesday night.

Our first family photo (28 weeker).  Underestimated Strength

Prematurity in the Media

Mar 19, 2019

With premature birth being a huge concern in this country, it’s important to spread knowledge and awareness. Can the entertainment insudtry help with this?