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6 Mostly Mess Free Ways to Paint With Your Young Kids

Fun and unique ways your kids can paint without making a mess

Fun and unique ways your kids can paint without making a mess

Does the thought of handing your toddler or preschool child a cup of goopy, colorful liquid stop you from painting with your kids?  The mess factor is a turn off, but trust me everything is washable. And yes I totally understand the amount of mess that age group can make. My twins were that little once and I had two painting side by side. As much as I hated having another chore on my list, I loved watching my kids express their creativity through painting.

Kids are generally naturally creative. It is amazing to watch them re-create the world they see through their paint set. Still not convinced you can get passed the mess? Here are just some of the benefits kids get from painting:

Self-expression- kids learn to express feelings through painting. They can use colors to express their mood, or paint how they are feeling.

Fine motor skills – gripping a paint brush helps work those fine motor muscles used for hand writing and later tying their shoes.

Learn shapes and colors – painting is a great exercise in learning colors and you can help them learn to paint shapes. Kids can also learn how to mix colors to make new colors.

Planning skills – your child will have to plan what to make and what colors to use, where to place on the page, etc.

Emotional benefits- painting can be a stress reliever and relaxing to little ones.  

Aids in hand eye coordination.

Appreciation of the arts – painting opens up a child’s world to modes of artistic expression such as music.

Encourages brain development -painting uses both sides of the brain allowing for logic and creativity simultaneously.

It is fun!

But if the potential mess still has you worried, here are 6 Mostly Mess Free Ways to Paint With Your Kids:

1. Squeeze paint into a zip lock baggie and allow your child to squish it around and mix the colors.

2. Buy an Aquadoodle paint mat. You fill the pen with water to make the color appear. There are no paints involved. 

3. Marble painting – place paper inside a container with a lid. Add paint and marble, close the lid. Shake the container to roll the marble around. It creates a unique work of art and the mess is contained. 

4. Allow your kids to paint in the shower- spray shaving cream on the walls and let them use their fingers, or a sponge brush to paint. It all rinses off before they get out. 

5. Dot paints or Bingo daubers work great for mess free painting. 

6. Frosting cookies or cupcakes. It’s a lot like painting, and a little messy, but it also doubles as a treat.

If your preschooler loves to paint, give them the tools they need to create independently. A smock, an easel or flat space covered with a drop cloth where they can make a few drips. Part of learning to paint also includes learning to clean up, so have your child help wash the brushes when finished. Be sure to display their art work in a place where everyone can see!

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