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6 Anti-bullying tips for parents

Helping Drew, a puppet show for school assemblies, performs in New Windsor, NY

The subject of bullying is a hot topic, and one local entertainer has put together a show depicting puppets in bullying situations. 

It's called Helping Drew, and it was created by David Manley, known in the area for his work with Newburgh's Grand Street Theatre and 4th Wall Productions.  HVParent publisher, Terrie Goldstein, visited with David and his friends at a recent performance at St. Joseph School in New Windsor.

In the show, David emphasizes these six points, and we thought they were worth sharing.  

* Everyone deserves respect, even if that person seems different than us.

* If a child is being treated unkindly, giving a firm and serious Stop! may help. If the stop does not work, the child should get help from his/her teacher, parents, and principal. Crying, looking sad, or fuming with anger without telling a trusted grown-up is simply not enough.   

* If a child sees someone else being treated unkindly, he/she can help by not participating in the unkind act.  If the child/situation feels safe enough, he/she can also tell the one bullying to stop or go get adult help.

* If a child’s friend wants him/her to get involved in doing something mean towards another, the child needs to tell his/her friend “No,” even if it may mean losing the friendship.        

* Someone who is teasing because he/she thinks it is funny must learn a new definition of “funny.” In the assembly I used this check question:  “Is everyone laughing including the person that words are being said about or actions are being done to?” 

* Kids who tease and bully can change too by trying to find other ways to have fun and feel good.  Even small steps in this direction should be encouraged and complimented by all concerned.  Kids who tease and bully need adult help in finding other ways to express themselves, and sometimes deal with anger or self-esteem issues.  Being a parent is a hard job!  Do not hesitate to seek out help.   

Watch Terrie interview the show's stars:


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