5 ways to feed your family without going broke

Eat on a budget!

feeding a family on a budget

With food prices rising, more families are feeling the squeeze the grocery store. That’s why we’ve cooked up five ways to get more out of your meals.

1. Purchase high quality foods full of fiber and nutrients, like whole grain breads, bean and lentil dishes, and fresh fruits and vegetables. These high quality items will fill you up quicker than processed foods so you actually eat less.

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2. Learn to cook your own meals! A family of four can save up to $400 each month, simply by eating out less and cooking at home more.

3. Slow down, savor your food, and eat less. Eating less only leads to good things. You’ll: save money on food, lose weight and be healthier, and live longer.

4. Reserve soda, chips, lattes, ice cream and other treats for special occasions. Cutting back to one latte a week can save nearly $1000 this year.

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5. Write and follow a weekly menu to save money at the grocery store and limit impulse purchases.

Tips excerpted from the article, “Feed Your Family Without Going Broke” by Renee Pottle.