5 Ways to Bond Better With Your Baby

Make the most of that critical first year

Bond Better With Your Baby

Hudson Valley parents, according to pediatric experts, should start bonding with their baby at the infancy stage. Much of healthy bonding occurs when parents play detective to figure out what baby is looking for.  Here are five steps to create a lasting bond with your new little one.

1. Understand your child's cues and style of communication

Pay close attention to what your child does before they need a diaper change, a feeding, a nap; keep a journal of what your baby does to inform you they need something, or feel pain, are tired or hungry.

2. Create a foundation of security and trust with baby

Offer baby something to suck, like a finger, a breast or a pacifier.  Soothing sounds like "cooing" or running a fan or a clothing dryer mimics the whooshing sounds baby heard in the womb.

3. Provide consistent and responsive parenting

Parents should be on the same page in regard to baby's schedule.  Inconsistent responses by parents, or a single parent in feeding or bedtime creates insecurity.

4. Connect with your child through touch, physical comfort, laughter and play

You can't spoil a baby by too much holding or carrying. Babies are so dependent, they need lots of loving touch and support.

5. Care for yourself and for your own emotional well-being

Don't lose sight of your own needs. Eat well, get outside, walk and rest as often as you can.  Your moods can affect baby's sense of security.

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(Information gathered from "Early Moments Matter")