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5 ways to beat boredom at the bus stop

Easy activities to do while you wait

Bus stop boredom busters

My kids are in second grade this year, so I feel like we have our school morning routine down pat. Yet somehow, I have yet to figure out the timing of our morning bus. We arrive with 15-20 minutes to spare, or we are pulling up to the bus stop at the same time as the bus and rushing to get out of the car. There is no in between.

We drive to the end of our block to catch the bus, so we are sitting in the car for those extra minutes. It’s a busy street so we don’t have a place to run or play. When the weather is nice we can get out and stretch for a bit, but rainy or cold days leaves us stuck inside the boring old car while we wait.  

Here are 5 fun ways to beat boredom at the bus stop:

Lip Sync Contest- we listen to a lot of music through out our day, so it’s fun to crank up or favorite tunes and belt them out. We take turns performing, or we just all jam together. I’m sure passers by get a kick out of the rockin’ show we put on.

Tell Jokes – my kids LOVE to tell a good joke, especially knock-knock jokes. We take turns going around the car telling our favorites to pass the time. It puts us all in a good mood to start our day.

Learn a New Language – my kids are interested in learning to speak Spanish. I’ve downloaded an app to help us learn and explore a new language. It’s not as silly as the others, but if you’re into it, it can be fun.

Bring a Game from Home – one of our favorite games to play at home is Headbandz. It doesn’t require a board and spinner with tiny pieces, so it is perfectly portable to the bus stop. Plus, it starts our day with a laugh and with two kids focused on guessing they have less time to complain about how long they must wait.

Car Dancing – I confess this isn’t just limited to the bus stop. We often bust a move in our seats while waiting at the stop light, in the drive through or before we leave the driveway. It’s an easy way to get the energy moving in the morning and makes waiting easier.

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