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5 Reasons why technology is good for kids

It can help with problem solving, relationships and more

5 reasons why technology is good for kids

Technology definitely has its place. Too much of anything can be bad for you, even if it is initially
deemed as a “good thing.” So, technology is no different. It needs to be used in moderation. Children need to understand the importance of it, but they also need to understand that there is much more to life than technology.

That being said, if children are going to be successful as adults, they need to be highly competent in at least some very basic uses for technology.

Technology Helps with Relationships

Children are much more likely to build a relationship with another child in today’s world if both of them can find a mutual interest in some form of technology. This makes natural sense since most children use different types of technology on a daily basis.

Most children play some form of video game, and almost all of them have been on some type of social media platform. So, they are able to create bonds with one another in regards to similar likeness over these types of technology.

Technology and Problem Solving

Some video games can actually help children figure out different ways to solve problems. Often, the child has no idea that they are taking part in a problem-solving activity. There are many different video games, most of them involving either a first or third-person shooter, that has a game mode that involves survival. The common theme is that the player survives longer than every other player, or they survive until all of the computer-controlled enemies are gone.

Often, children need to think quickly and strategically so that they can solve the various situations in order to stay alive in the game.

Technology Helps with Learning

Technology has definitely assisted with teaching children a variety of useful concepts and practices.

Tech applications such as virtual reality can be a big help, especially in schools. Most children would rather not sit in a class and read a book. They also would rather do many other things besides work on projects, take notes or be expected to present a given type of information in front of their class. However, they would all be willing to put on a virtual reality headset and “live” in a moment that goes along with content being learned. For example, students can enjoy a virtual reality castle in a past civilization and actively watch history unfold.

Enhanced Concentration

Children are actually able to improve their abilities to concentrate and multitask with the assistance of different types of software. They are able to play games where there are many different mental stimuli happening all at once, and they are required to keep up with all of these things in order to be successful.

They are also required to concentrate in order to achieve a necessary end result. Otherwise, if they aren’t able to concentrate, they are not able to be successful at the game.

Job Preparation

There are many different jobs today that require employees to be able to use technology adequately. People 20 years ago were not exposed to technology at a young age the way that children are today. So, by allowing children to have access to technology, they may become better prepared for the workforce as they grow older. If technology is highly important right now, imagine how much more important it will be once today’s children have grown up and are looking for jobs.

There are many different positive applications for technology in everyday life. It can help children become prepared for the workforce, as most types of work rely on IT technology and coding now more than ever. It can also help with concentration. Children should be able to be better at decision making and problem-solving by taking part in different types of technology usage.

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