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5 Simple Tips for Birthday Bash Success

Manageable but magnificent birthday parties

Whether you’re planning a princess tea party or a superhero birthday bash, the secret to organizing a party your child will treasure is to keep your little one’s interests at the forefront.

If your child does well in smaller groups, keep the guest list small. Plan the menu around his or her favorite foods and look for little touches that celebrate the unique joy he or she brings to your family.

Make your little one’s big day extra special with these simple tips that make childhood birthday parties manageable but magnificent:

1.    Set a theme. Building your celebration around a theme that reflects your child brings an added touch of fun and excitement. Popular options include a favorite color, sport, activity or character. While the Internet offers a mind-boggling array of ideas for crafting the perfect theme, there also are a variety of party-ready options for busy moms with limited time. For example, Hershey’s new birthday products, available at select Walmart locations, can be added to almost every aspect of the celebration, from decorations to party favors and special treats to games and prizes.

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2.    Decorate the guests. There’s no reason to stop with streamers and balloons. Integrate your guests into the decor with fun activities that bring your theme to life. Face paint, washable tattoos or stamps let little guests take an active role in the party and express a little creativity of their own.

3.    Amp up the activity. Create opportunities for all the little party-goers to participate in the festivities with interactive games that tie back to the theme of the party. Old-school favorites like pin-the-tail on the donkey can be updated to reflect today’s popular characters; make-your-own slime or clay is the perfect project for a group of mad scientists; or a treasure hunt can be adapted to nearly any theme.

4.    Add some fancy to the food. If your party menu calls for more than cake and ice cream, you can take advantage of another avenue to carry through your theme. A little creativity, some clever monikers and a few basic modifications can quickly transform everyday snacks into festive fun. For example, a dinosaur party might feature Brontosaurus Burgers and T-Rex Trail Mix. The options are nearly endless, and if you’re at a loss, you can find ample inspiration online.

5.    Offer a fond farewell. No birthday party is complete without treats to send party-goers home happy. However, goodie bags need not be costly or elaborate. An inexpensive item such as bubbles or sidewalk chalk tied in theme-colored ribbon is a fun choice for many ages. When it comes to candy, favorite Hershey’s products – from Kit Kat Miniatures to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures to iconic Kisses chocolates – are now available in birthday-themed designs for a sweet ending to any celebration. Simply package items in a vessel that fits the theme, such as a purse for a princess party or a small pail for a beach blast.


Find more ideas for throwing a birthday bash to remember at HersheyBirthdays.com or visit select Walmart locations to find all your birthday party needs. Photo courtesy of Getty Images