Save tons of money with these simple fixes

5 fixes under $50 that save money

Lighting: Save $70 each year
Since each ENERGY STAR® CFL saves $30 over its lifetime, changing
your 5 most-used bulbs can save you $70 in energy costs each year.

Timers: Unplug and save
By using a timer, one can control the amount of energy that their
electrical products use and helps in controlling the amount of phantom
energy loss by completely shutting down the electronic device,
rather than letting it sit in a standby mode.

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Surge Protectors: Save more than $300 over five years
When not in use, simply flip the switch on your surge protector to
deactivate every device at once and save more than $300 on your
electric bill over five years.

Insultating Foam: Save up to $500 a year
Expanding foam insulation can return $500 in annual energy costs
by filling in holes in unfinished attic floors and basement ceilings.
Window Sealing: Save about $99 over summer
Window film helps reflect solar heat, which can make up about 40%
of you summer cooling costs – about $99 over summer.

Courtesy of Central Hudson