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4 tips for choosing a summer camp

Start your camp search today

If you’ve put off choosing a camp or are just beginning to think about it, take heart - there are still wonderful options available. With a little ingenuity, some scouting around and research you’ll be able to provide your child with some good summer camp options.

As you prepare to register your children for summer camp, here are 4 things to consider while searching for the perfect camp:

1. Seek Referrals: Look for referrals from the American Camping Association (ACA) and The National Camp Association. Town halls, county tourism bureaus and local groups like the PTA can put you in touch with other camp-seeking parents. Word-of-mouth can go a long way.

2. Take a Tour: It’s vital to take a tour. Don’t rely on nice photos in a brochure. Schedule a tour of the facility with the camp director and your child. When visiting the facility, see if it’s clean, take notice of the medical office, the fire alarms, and emergency procedure information.

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3. Interview Camp Administrators: In order to narrow down your choices, take the time to interview directors and ask lots of questions. When interviewing the camp administrators always ask about their credentials and how long they’ve been the director at the camp. Be wary of camps where the directors change from year to year and seek out camps with a low turnover rate.

4. Take Interests into Account: Attending camp with a friend may help ease your child's homesickness, but don't choose a camp based solely on your child's BFF. Instead, pick a camp based on your child's interests. 

Dawn Marie Barhyte is a freelance writer.