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3-D carpets that make your kids' imaginations soar

Kids will be entertained for hours by creating their own unique environments

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In today's modern world, it is easy to lose sight of nurturing our kid's creativity. This is according to Roxanner Ferber in her article on encouraging creativity. Ferber suggests that outside of coloring pages and art classes at school, and maybe a piano class, we aren’t thinking too much beyond the basics. Video games and a constant barrage of streaming videos eats up most of our down time and it can become the default setting to our evening routine.
Let's get down and play on the floor. Blocks. Cars. Plastic characters. Using cardboard let the kids create their own exciting environment. Read about 5 fun ways to use the carpets.
HVParent has teamed up with IVI World to help you stretch your kids' imaginations with two cool 3D carpets to give away.
IVI 3D Play Carpets are unlike any other play carpets on the market. Their unique raised and lowered sections mixed with varying textures provide a tactile play environment to awaken your child’s imagination. Offered in several styles, these carpets are a great alternative to screen time and keep children entertained for hours. It was designed by a mom with children of her own. You can even make your own cars and trains.

You could win one of these two carpets for your child. Enter here.

Traffic Green XL:
Measuring in at a spacious 90.5”L x 63” W, IVI’s XL Traffic Green 3D play carpet features a neighborhood with roadways, a soccer field, a parking lot for your favorite toy cars, and a swirling roundabout that warrants hours of fun and imagination.
Value $289

Beach House M:
IVI’s colorful medium Beach House 3D play carpet, measuring at 59”L x 39”W features two waterfront homes and is perfect for siblings and/or friends to play together. Grab your favorite dolls and send them on their very own beach house getaway!
Value $122.50

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