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Musical Munchkins celebrates their 25th anniversary

Congratulations to Andrea Soberman on 25 years of success!

It’s been 25 years since Andrea Soberman, owner and Director of Musical Munchkins, opened up the doors to her now well-known music and movement program for babies, toddlers and preschoolers in the Hudson Valley.  Miss Andrea, as all of her students call her, began her music classes in the village of Goshen at the Trotting Horse Museum, or what is now known as The Harness Racing Museum.  At that time, there were very few programs for moms and their very young children, and Andrea filled a niche.                                                                                   

She received her training from the owners of Musical Munchkins in Westchester - based on the principles of Carl Orff and Dalcroze eurhythmics created over 35 years ago, by music educators Eileen Oddo and Chris Patella. Andrea, who has a background in early childhood education, music and the arts, attended a workshop specifically for teachers working with preschoolers, and fell instantly in love with the program. Andrea says, “I knew that this was my passion, and that I had found my true calling. I immediately contacted Eileen and asked how I could get involved. It happened that they were looking for people to license Musical Munchkins throughout the Hudson Valley, and so my career was launched.”

Andrea began with one location in Goshen, and over the next three years expanded into Newburgh and then Cornwall. But then a little surprise happened, and at the age of 47, Andrea gave birth to her first and only son, David.  Wanting to spend the time with her only child, and still nurture her new and growing passion she trained and hired teachers to take over classes and further expanded centers throughout Orange, Ulster and Dutchess.

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Now, 25 years later, Musical Munchkins has focused their very popular music program solely in Orange County, with locations in Monroe, Goshen, Warwick, Cornwall on the Hudson and New Windsor with weekday and Saturday classes offered. Amanda Peterson, a trained musician and vocalist with special education and early childhood experience, has recently been added to her staff.

All teachers must play the guitar, sing and work really well with young children and their families. Andrea says, “It is a very specialized skill set, but I pride myself in always being able to find extremely talented teachers and Miss Amanda meets those requirements.”  Ms. Soberman says she has plans to hire more teachers, looking for that very special someone who has a passion for working with young children, and expand the program once again. “I still enjoy every minute with the babies, toddlers and preschoolers. When your work feels like play, and you can’t wait to come to work, you know that you have found your passion. I can still feel that passion today as I did 25 years ago,” she says. “I’m also a Musical Munchkins grandma. I have the privilege now to be teaching the children of some of the children that first began with me 25 years ago.” 

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In celebration of their 25th anniversary, Musical Munchkins will be offering special promotions, concerts, and a special tribute to 25 years of making music in the Hudson Valley throughout the school year of 2017-18.

You can reach Musical Munchkins at 845-802-2311 or visit their website at, and on Facebook at Musical Munchkins of Orange.