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22 Years Ago Today, I was Miserable. Best. Day. Ever.

An entrepreneur’s adventure

An entrepreneur’s adventure

On October 28th, 1998, I incorporated my first company. I had no business experience. I had no startup experience. I had no idea how to run a company. I only knew one thing for sure, and that one thing was enough:

I knew I wasn't happy where I was.

I was working for a startup as a Director of Marketing. It was a horrible experience, with a CEO who didn't care, he looked at the company as just something to do. I was miserable. Even when the CEO was replaced, I knew I couldn't stay. I knew I couldn't work for someone else. I wanted to try going out on my own.

My parents said I was crazy. My friends said I was crazy. My lawyer thought I was crazy, but didn't say it. I thought I was crazy. But my heart was SCREAMING that I needed to try.

It's 22 years later, and you know what? I was crazy. I still am. And that's why the past 22 years have been nothing short of magical. I've had tremendous success, and heart wrenching failures. I've been on top of the world and in the pits of despair. I've experienced highs better than any drug, and lows so deep I thought I'd never recover.

But the one constant that's always been there: I've always been in control of my destiny. And it all started by deciding I wasn't happy where I was.

If you don't like where you are, MOVE. You're not a tree.

Only you can determine if you're unhappy. Only you can decide it's time for you to do the scary thing. But when you decide it's time, DO IT. You might succeed. You might fail. But you'll do it on your terms, and regardless, you'll be wiser for having done it. In these uncertain times, perhaps believing in ourselves is the only thing we CAN be sure of.

"The greatest risk, it's been said, is not taking one."

Take the risk. I promise it'll be worth it.

Happy 22nd anniversary to me. Thank you to each and every one of you for being part of my journey. Here's to another amazing 22 years.

PS: If you're ready to take your journey, shoot me a note. I have a few private one-on-one coaching spots open. Not many, but a few. Let's work together.

PPS: The Master the Media course is still discounted: $99 to learn all my

Peter Shankman is an entrepreneur, an author and a trainer living in New York City. He is a stay at home dad as well.

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