2021 Holiday Gift Guide

HVP approved gifts for the ones you love this season

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Hudson Valley Parent received lots of products this year for our gift guide. Toys, books, yummy teas, and more, all tested by our staff. Here are our top picks for your family and friends. 


Pez Poppin' Thomas & Friends Toothbrush™

These are too cute. They look just like Pez dispensers you grew up with.

The top works as a cap, just pull up and voila there is the soft bristle brush. Push the button on the front and up pops the top which locks so your child can brush their teeth. The bottom makes a nice fat handle for little kids to hold onto while they learn this important skill. When your child is done, push the button again and push the brush back down and put on the cap.
Buy this on Brush Buddies for $7 each

Barbie Travel Kit

This little cutie comes with a plastic carrying case with a zipper, travel size bubble gum flavored toothpaste and a soft bristle brush (in pink of course). Stuff this in their stocking and they are set for an overnight with the grandparents (date night!).
Buy this on Brush Buddies for $4 per kit

Hot Wheels Manual Toothbrush Gift Set™

Your child will get a soft bristle toothbrush with a cap and a rinsing cup. Both have cool Hot Wheels cars on them. This gift is a bargain just like all the others.
Buy this on Brush Buddies for $4 per kit 

Little Lux Olivia star earrings from Tini Lux

These earrings are made of pure titanium and are just for little ears! Our box came not only with the cute little star earrings, but also a blue silky scrunchie, a little journal for drawing or notes, and a box of 8 crayons. The earrings themselves come in their own small, sturdy, easy-to-open box. Great for kids who have allergies to metals. This gift is sure to please your little fashionista.

Buy for $49 from Tini Lux


Long sleeve Weaning Bib from Bibado

This cool little coverall bib really does cover it all. The highchair, baby, clothes, and their chubby little arms. It even has a couple of straps that you can attach a spoon and fork that you can order with the bib or separately. It also straps to the highchair to keep everything in place. Featuring easy wipe 100% waterproof material in six super cute designs, it makes cleaning up a breeze. It can also be machine washed in cool water. I wish I had this when my kids were little. This is a must have for mamas with beginning eaters.

Buy at Bibado for $25.95

Thirsty Kids™ Flip-it™ Bolt by Nuby

These cups are great for families on the go. Made for kids 18 months and up, this BPA free bottle has an easy-to-use lock (just flip down or up) and a button to open the lid. Even if the bottle is unlocked it still won’t spill. You must push the button on the front to open the lid. It’s easy for young kids to drink out of due to the flexible spout. All the parts on this product are well-made and sturdy. It comes in blue with shark pirates or pink with glittery rainbow unicorns.
Buy on Nuby for $8.99

Jumbo Create O Flakes - Snowflake Connect from Skoolzy

This 120-piece set is an innovative STEM building and construction toy which teaches children design, experimentation, spatial and mechanical thinking and lets their imaginations run wild! The pieces are big enough for little hands to manage and snap together easily. The bright colors and interesting shapes will keep your budding engineer entertained for hours. Each piece has lots of notches so kids can connect piece after piece. With 20 pieces each of 5 different shapes, there is plenty to share. Bonus: older kids will have a blast with these too. Let the fun begin!
Buy this set on Amazon for $19.97

Cookie Decorating Kit by Color My Cookie

We got the Princess Magic Kit in the office, and it was tons of fun. It comes with 6 cookies, a cookie shaped like a paint palette, and edible watercolors, 2 paintbrushes & cups for water, icing, sprinkles, & edible décor. Plus, a link to an online cookie decorating tutorial for your kit taught by a pastry chef. I tested this with my grandkids and even the teen had a good time. The cookies are delicious, and you get not too messy fun and bonding time with your kids. There are also mini kits with 2 cookies. Add-ons and a monthly subscription are available too.
Buy the regular kit on Color My Cookie for $39.99

Stomp Rocket® Jr. Glow™ from Stomp Rocket®

This toy is made to be played with outdoors and will keep your little one happy for quite a while. It includes 4 Jr. Glow Stomp Rockets, launch stand, and a launch pad with air hose. The launcher is easy to assemble and is totally kid powered. All your kids need to do is stomp, watch the rocket go up and up, and chase the rockets. My granddaughter was delighted and ran herself all over the yard. For kids 3+.
Buy at Stomp Rocket® for $16.00

This is a great way to communicate with your kids. With 100 cards in 5 categories, you family can talk about a myriad of subjects. These cards are great for the dinner, road trips, or just anytime you want some conversation. A couple of sample questions and categories include Nature: How can you reduce food waste? and Self: Do you think we should be free to love who we want? The box also includes 25 activity cards for even more fun and convo. For kids 4+. Buy on Bright Littles for $28

Kids Play Kitchen Pretend Play Cooking Toys Accessories Set from iPlay, iLearn

This set of toys will give your mini cook hours of fun. The pots and pans, utensils and play food are very will made and will hold up through tons of play. What is so unique about this gift is that the “food” can be taken apart to be prepared. Kids can “crack” an egg, “peel” a banana and more. It even has a cutting board to assist with preparation. Perfect for little chefs ages 3+.
Buy it on iPlay, iLearn for $25.99

This super cool set of 28 dominoes was invented by a 16-year-old girl from Israel. She started with playing cards and they are the first ever ethnically diverse & gender-balanced deck of cards. She has now created a set of dominoes. The game is played by matching the occupation of the character on the pieces. The occupations have people of all races, you just match the job. What a great way for kids to learn tolerance and diversity. The box says for kids ages 4-7 but I think the whole family can enjoy this game. Buy on QueenG for $29.90.

Pets Alive Boppi the Booty Shakin' Llama

This fuzzy little llama plays three songs for your kids to dance to. Boppi’s booty-shaking movement and head-spinning motions make it fun for the whole family to dance along with. With her big adorable eyes and pink and blue fur, kids are sure to love her. She runs on 4 AA batteries which are included.
Buy on Amazon Prime for $30

These clothes and toys are made for little hands and big hearts, says the company. They are absolutely adorable. We received the Indigo Blue Pocket T-shirt and 3 pockimals, Ozzie Bunny, Sprinkles Unicorn and Bumby Cat. The best thing is that these little guys are specially made to go into the pocket and stay there. The animal has a strategically placed button and the pocket has the slot for the button.  You can also purchase dresses and backpacks just for the little critters. T-shirts are $16.99 and come in sizes 3T to 7/8. Dresses are $23.99 and come in sizes 3/4 to 7/8. Pockimals are $12.99 each.

Buy from Pockimals

Smart Letters Lowercase + Premium Content from Marbotic

This cool little toy is actually a 2-part activity. You get wooden letters and then download apps on your iPad. We got the lower case letters which are nice and sturdy. They come with a little knob on top of each letter to make it easy to see when you use with the iPad. This is an innovative, educational toy designed by experts to guide young children on their learning journey. With the Premium Content you unlock a lifetime access to all their reading games. Kids will learn and think they are just playing. No coaxing involved. The letters come in a handy carrying pouch so your kids can learn anywhere.

$89.99 from Marbotic


Monster Truck Kit from Red Toolbox's Stanley Jr.

If you have a car-loving builder in the family, this is the perfect gift. My grandson and I built the Monster Truck and had a lot of fun. Hammering nails, sanding, screwing in screws, we did it all. When your child is done building, they can paint their car and apply cool stickers. This a great bonding project for a kid and their parent because they will need help and/or supervision. Geared for ages 5+.
Buy on Amazon for $18.99

Journey Down the Belly from MEandMine

Kids take an amazing journey through the digestive system with this fully inclusive STEM kit. This was personally tested by my grandson and I, and he loved it! The box itself converts to a lab and everything you need except the water and the kid is included. You get a cute book that explains the process, 3 projects and a game. Plus, it’s not gross, just fun. Recommended for kids 4+. Younger kids will need a fair amount of help.
Buy it at MEandMine or Amazon for $29.95

Unicorn Squishies Paint Kit from Doodle Hog

Doodle Hog has come up with some cute little DIY kits for decorating your own squishy toys. We received the Unicorn Squishies Paint Kit and it is lots of fun and a little mess. We got 4 squishies (unicorn, sleeping unicorn, narwhal and a rainbow), 4 bottles of paint in nice bright colors, 2 paintbrushes, a tube of glitter, a color mixing guide, and instructions. You even get sticker eyes with lovely lashes. The paint is easy to mix and the squishies take the paint well. Just make sure to let them dry before your kids play with them. You can also get several other kits.
Buy on Doodle Hog from $9.99-$27.99

RiotPWR RR1852 controller from riotpwr.com

This is a real game controller that holds your cell phone while gaming. It looks just like a controller for a console. My son tried this out and said it is awesome. He says that he has had so much more fun with the games on his phone because it is so much easier to control the movements needed in the games. It has clickable thumb sticks that give you a console experience on your mobile device. Compatible with Apple and Android. It takes a little set-up, but then you are off and running. This cool controller is perfect for gamers of any age.
Buy it for $49.99 on riotpwr.com

Cabbage Chemistry from Yellow Scope

This box, from Yellow Scope, helps girls learn about acids, bases and pH. 2 moms, who are also scientists, created their company to get girls interested in science. This fun chemistry kit comes with test tubes of concentrated red cabbage powder and all the supplies for dozens and dozens of color-changing experiments! Plus, kids get a detailed notebook with experiments they can do and encourages them to make up their own. It even comes with safety goggles. Made for kids 8-12

Buy on Yellow Scope or Amazon for $24.99

The Art and Science of Color:
Paper Chromatography 
from Yellow Scope

This kit is another one of Yellow Scope’s gems. Kids can uncover the hidden colors in all sorts of things! It is chock-full of high-quality lab supplies for hundreds of exciting color-changing experiments. Kids will have hours of fun revealing rainbows of color using a cool scientific technique called paper chromatography! This kit also contains a notebook with cool experiments that will keep your kids engaged for hours. These kits make me want to be a kid again. Buy on Yellow Scope or Amazon for $39.99

CMY Cubes from CMY Cubes

This little cube is fascinating. It’s a gorgeous physics toys for kids to learn and perceive color in a new way. The opposing sides are colored cyan, magenta or yellow. Holding the cube in sunlight, you can see a multitude of colors and shapes. Great for kids or as a cool piece for your desk. I love mine. This fun cube comes in 3 sizes. The company also sells several other cool shapes for even more colorful fun. My 9 year old grandson is fascinated with this. He will definitely have this under the tree.
Buy on CMYCubes from  $19.95 to $69.95.

Grandma & me: Explore Outdoors activity kit

What a fun thing to do with your grandchild. My 4-year-old granddaughter and I had a blast with this kit. This super fun box from Little Bridges comes with a storybook, magnifying glass, outdoor activity journal, paint pens & sidewalk chalk, a solar print kit, and a drawstring backpack. The backpack was a big hit with my granddaughter and so were the paint pens. She is very creative. I particularly liked the solar print kit. I remember that from my photography class. This gives grandparents and grandkids a great experience and none of the “I’m bored” whining. Buy this gift for your kids’ grandma. You won’t be sorry. Note: This company also offers Grandma & me: in the Kitchen and Family Time boxes.
Buy on Little Bridges for $34.95/kit – Family Time is $24.99

This box is part of the MEandMine Emotion Line. It provides a playful and tangible way for young kids to identify emotions and explore 3 major types of calming skills to deal with strong and upset emotions. This STEAM board game helps children identify emotions with 40 scenario cards, and master 9 calming skills. Kids try to calm down the aliens while playing this fun board game. It’s easy to play and the aliens are adorable. Your kids will love saving our galaxy from emotional chaos.
Buy it at MEandMine for $29.95

These little leggings are too cute…and durable too. The company’s products are certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard and you can even check their status on the website. The leggings we received have reinforced knees so they can actually be worn for a long time. My daughter always wore out the knees in her leggings. My granddaughter, the recipient of these leggings, will get to wear hers until she outgrows them. They are super soft, fit great and look awesome. If you turn them inside out you can see the 4-way stretch reinforcement at the knee. They also carry tons of other stylish and comfy kids’ clothing from t-shirts to dresses to hoodies and more with sizes from 2T to XXL (14).
Buy the pair for $29.95 on Mightly

This set of 58 playing cards includes a character card and game instructions with 80 gorgeous, vibrant, hand-drawn illustrations of their gender-equal, multi-ethnic characters. This game was created to inspire curiosity in children while encouraging them to choose future careers based on their interests and talents, instead of external identities such as gender and ethnicity. This matching game requires kids to really pay attention to what they are doing. Each person gets one card to start with and the rest go into a draw pile face up. Players then flip over their card and compete to be the first to match a character on their card. It will give your kids a real sense of accomplishment when they find the character they are looking for. Each person gets one card to start with and the rest go into a draw pile face up. Players then flip over their card and compete to be the first to match a character on their card. Whoever has the most cards at the end wins. For kids 7+. Buy on QueenG for $29.90 (Note: you can also buy diverse regular playing cards for the older crowd.)


FACTopia!: Follow the Trail of 400 Facts... from Britannica Books

This hardcover book is fun and entertaining for kids 8-12 years. If your child is curious about everything, this gift is perfect. It is full of cool factoids such as: there is a species of mouse immune to a scorpion sting or ancient people in Peru ate popcorn. The pictures help guide your child through fact after amazing fact. This book written by Katie Hale and illustrated by Andy Smith gets five stars.
Buy this book on Amazon Prime for $10.80

First Big Book of Why from Britannica Books

Does your child ask you “Why?” questions all day long? Here is a book that will thrill them. Adorable illustrations and nice big photos help your little one learn all about those questions they ask. There is a table of contents in the front and an index in the back so you can easily look up the subject in question. The text is easy to read for those just starting out. This educational book is perfect for kids 4-8 years old and a lifesaver for parents. Plus, it’s way more fun than the internet. Text by Sally Symes and Stephanie Warren Drimmer. Illustrations by Kate Slater.
Buy this book on Amazon Prime for $21.75

Amazing Science book from Good Housekeeping

Pique your kids’ curiosity with 83 experiments. Kids will have plenty to learn and do with a few household items. Colorful pages and easy instructions put your kids on an exciting path to science fun. Children can build a solar powered oven and make s’mores, make a rain cloud in a jar, and lots more.
Buy it on Amazon for $15.76

“Valeria” from Cuento de Luz

This sweet tale for little readers is about a little bunny who is too shy to even look up. After the wind blows her hat away, she discovers a whole new world that she did not see before. For kids 4-8
Buy the hardcover on Amazon in English & Spanish for $16.95

“A New Harvest” from Cuento de Luz

This is a truly heartwarming story about a young man whose home and farm are destroyed by a tornado. He is devastated at first, but with the love and support of his family, and later community, he builds his farm back even stronger. Other displaced people come to work, and it becomes a place where folks take care of and listen to each other. A perfect book to teach kids resilience. 
Buy the hardcover on Amazon in English and Spanish for $16.95

Beast Academy Puzzles Level 2 & 3

Give your kids math and problem-solving skills with these books. The problems range from basic to real brain bogglers. The books will also help build spatial awareness and practice pattern recognition. This great strategy building gift will keep your kids on their toes. Level 2 is for kids 8+, Level 3 is for kids 9+. Buy on Beast Academy for $10 - Level 2 / Level 3

The Bridge to Sharktooth Island from Challenge Island

This is the first book in their new STEM/STEAM series for kids. The Bridge to Sharktooth Island artfully intertwines action-packed fantasy with real-life engineering as cautious Daniel, his brave cousin Joy and their studious new friend Kimani find themselves suddenly stranded on a mysterious island surrounded by sharks. The kids find clues hidden around the island and realize that if they want to escape, they’ll have to work together to build the strongest bridge they can to get to safety! Buy the hardcover for $18.99 or the paperback for $6.99 on Amazon, BarnesandNoble.com, Target.com, Walmart.com and everywhere books are sold

Subscription Boxes

Sago Mini Box

This box is made for kids 3-5 that encourages open-ended play and creative learning. We got the “Fairy Tales” box, and this is what came in it. A card that tells you about the box, an envelope with magic story beans (made from cardboard), a stage, a wizard gnome named Tom, a cardboard finger puppet and props all wrapped up in a colorful envelope. You use the beans to tell a story with the fun little props on the stage. A second envelope contains a wizard hat and stickers for decoration, wand handle, ribbons and decoration, and home stickers. You will need to provide a small container for the gnome home. Let your little one’s imagination soar with this fun subscription box. They also offer a Toca Life box for kids 6-11 that contains activities, games, and rare items to spark kids' imaginations. 
Subscriptions start at $19/month paid monthly. You can also pay $180 all at once for a 12-month subscription for a savings of $48. You can buy a Toca life box here.

Owl Crate & Owl Crate, Jr.

This is a really cool box that encourages kids to read. We got an Owl Crate, Jr. in our office and it was the “Creature Communities” box. This is recommended for kids 8-12. Your child opens it up and they are immediately encouraged to read and share their goodies. Right on top, you get a booklet explaining what is in the box, interview with the author, a look at the book, and a parent/child interview with a subscriber. This box includes a 100-piece animal related jigsaw puzzle, a DIY wooden birdhouse to build, a reusable canvas bag, a hardcover book of the month, a pennant your child can put on their wall, and a small paperback book of “Odd Animal Helpers”, which shows symbiotic relationships between animals. Your child also gets a card with a sneak peak at next month’s box. You truly get a big bang for your buck with the box. This makes a fantastic gift for the reader in your family. 
Owl Crate, Jr. subscriptions start at $29.99/month. You get a discount if you prepay for a 3- or 6-month subscription.  Owl Crate for kids 14+ subscriptions begin at $32.99. You get a discount if you prepay for a 3- or 6-month subscription.

Get the girls (5-10 years) in your family interested in science. You can buy a crate for a one or two kids. Ans shipping is included. This subscription introduces girls to world-changing women to show them what’s possible all year long. This company created by moms aims to empower girls to think and do for themselves. Kids get an activity book and the pieces they need to carry out the activities. Our sample box included a card that introduces the woman the box is based on and what is in the box itself. We got the Mary G. Ross, an engineer, box with the activity book, the pieces you need to create 're-entry pod' egg drop, explore geometry with their very own geoboard, and make their own 'zooming' rockets. What a great way to introduce kids to engineering and more. Buy a crate on Girls Can! Crate for $34.95. 

This kit is a great idea to entertain kids with art. The boxes are themed every month, so kids get to enjoy a variety of cool subjects! Each box includes three figurines, acrylic paint, paint brushes, a glossy sealer and an instruction card. Our box had a Christmas tree, snowman, and ornament. There were 7 regular paint colors and a sparkly silver too. There is a card with directions and QR codes that will direct you to painting tutorials and instructions. Bonus: For every kit purchased, Pottery Awesomeness donates a painting kit to sick children in hospitals. My grandkids love this kind of stuff and were super happy to do some painting with me. Prices vary. Buy at Pottery Awesomeness

Little Global Citizens Christmas Box by Little Global Citizens

We got their Christmas box and it is chock full of learning fun. We got a storybook, 4 crafts, 2 activities and a cool recipe. We learned to say "Merry Christmas" in seven languages and read about how Santa makes his journey around the world. You can even track the trip online. We also got fun facts about how six countries celebrate Christmas Day and got some jokes to tell too. The crafts were super cool. Did you know that Ukranian families often put a spider and web on their tree? We also made yummy cookies from an Icelandic recipe. I highly recommend this subscription box. Not only will it teach your kids about other countries, they will have lots to do and have fun doing it. Subscription prices and offers vary.

Explore new adventures in your kitchen this holiday season with your kids. The box we received treats you to food from Turkey, Sweden, and Columbia. Kids get a paper that shows where each country is located and the official name of the country. It also comes with an activity page for even more fun and education. Each country has it's own two-sided paper with the recipe, shopping list, fun facts and step by step illustrated instructions on how to make the treat. They also give you a couple of ingredients that may be hard to find and a kid-sized cooking tool to boot. We got a whisk in our box. It was really neat making and tasting treats from different countries. And we had some great conversations too. Subscriptions and prices vary.
Buy from eat2explore

Sunny the Mail Snail subscription from Snail Mail for Kids

Do your kids love getting mail? I know I sure did. The anticipation of seeing what was in the letter or package was so exciting. Sunny the Mail Snail goes on lots of adventures and will send mail to your child each week with a personalized letter on what he has done that week. Your child will get stickers, pictures, trading cards, souvenirs and more.  If your child solves a secret code they get special prizes. Our first letter came in a box with Sunny the Snail (a stuffed animal) wearing a mail pouch with tiny postcards and envelopes. We also got the personalized letter addressed to my granddaughter on the envelope and the salutation on the letter itself. Inside the letter were some stickers and and official membership card. This first letter explains to your child what Sunny does and that they will get weekly mail. The box also contained some extra stickers, Sunny's Passport of Adventures book, a colorful map to track the traveling snail, and a paper to put the stickers on to solve the secret code. The whole thing is too cute and will get your child interested in reading in no time.

Prices vary. Get a subscription for your child on snailmailforkids.com

Products for Pampering

This unique gift is perfect for anyone who loves to relax with essential oils scents. Just put one of these steamers in your shower in a low steam area, don’t put it right over the drain, it will melt away too fast and you will not the get the benefits of the scent. I got the purple box with Lavender, Watermelon, Grapefruit, Menthol & Eucalyptus, Vanilla & Sweet Orange, Peppermint steamers. One of the nice things about them is they are made from natural ingredients. I had to move the steamer around in my shower, so it didn’t melt too fast and finally settled on the shelf in the middle. I love these and will be giving these out myself this holiday.
Buy any or all of these eight boxes of bliss on Amazon. You get six pieces per box. Prices vary. Around $20

Sea Witch Botanicals Canary Clean and Produce Wash Bars

This awesome company has all kinds of really cool products. They are dedicated to sustainability, ethical business, and environmental justice. From incense and candles, body care, and home & lifestyle products, these products look great and make you feel good about using them. We got the Canary Clean and Produce Wash bars as samples into our office. I tried out the Canary Clean bar on my stove and it took off stuff I haven’t been able to get off with anything else. Plus, it smells awesome! The produce wash works just as well and has a great scent also. They also carry holiday stuff under the name “Krampusnacht | Krampus Gifts”. I will definitely be doing some of my holiday shopping here.

Buy the bars at Sea Witch Botanicals for $6 each or $10 for the pair.


If your curls are out of control, you can give your hair the love it needs to stay hydrated and healthy this winter! We got a sample of the Jello Shot product and it left my daughters super curly hair soft and manageable. They are made from all natural ingredients. All products are handmade in Atlanta, GA, and come in NEW sustainable, reusable packaging.

Price: Starting at $18+, Available on Ecoslay and Amazon

ZenLuxCo Me Time Black Starlights Kit

We got the Me Time Kit in our office this week. Talk about luxury! This lovely kit includes a 100% silk pillowcase, jade roller, lip mask, and spa headband. The silk pillowcase is so soft and comforting. Plus, it helps your skin retain moisture. The cotton headband is nice and wide to help keep your hair at bay while you complete your daily skin regimen. Add in the yummy lip balm and the jade face roller and you are one pampered lady. Bonus: you get a little gratitude journal to keep your spirits up every day. The kits come in black, white, and pink. You also purchase each item as a stand alone, like when you run out of the lip balm.

Buy for $79.99 on ZenLuxCo

Truffoire Salt Scrub and Body Cream

These luxurious products leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. The secret is in the truffles. They put an extract into each product. They are gentle to the skin and have been dermatology tested (no animal testing). The salt scrub is made with gentle ingredients to exfoliate dry skin and it works! The body cream is not greasy, but very rich. Again, you will get nice smooth skin. A very luxurious to spoil a special someone in your life.

Prices vary according to product. Buy on Truffoire.

Aqua Gel products from Cure

I gave this to my mom to try out and she absolutely loved it! She is 83 and has very dry skin. It made her skin soft and moistened it up nicely. We got the the exfoliator, oil-free moisturizer, and a travel case with smaller sizes too. These unique products are made with Activated Hydrogen Water and are great for sensitive skin. Mom gives these 5 stars.

Prices vary by product. Buy on Cure.


Cooling Cuffs by Cooling Cuff

If you or the athletes in your family dislike being hot as much as I do, these are an easy solution. A package contains 2 cuffs and 4 cooling packets. Put the cooling packs in the freezer for a few hours and then insert them into the cuff. Strap it on like a watch except the cooling part goes on the inside of your wrists. There is plenty of super flexible and comfortable band so it will fit a wide range of sizes. Wear before, during or after your workout, whatever works best for you. Buy on Amazon Prime for $44.95

Zodiac Affirmation Card Decks by Affirmicious

Surround yourself with positive messages to transform your mindset with these cards. Each pack of their custom-made cards is personalized to your star sign's traits. I’m a Libra and I got sayings such as “People appreciate my swift mind and sense of humor” and “I will not get overwhelmed by daily decisions”. I haven’t read all the cards (need something to look forward to), but they resonate with me. Get a deck for one of your loved ones this holiday. You can order a deck or get them online.
Buy the deck at Affirmicious for $45 / online version is $14

Animal & human jewelry from Diphda

Want to be matchy-matchy with your pet? This women-owned company is the place to do it. They have cute little charms that slide onto a necklace and their cork collars for cats and dogs. The products are well-made, and the charms are beautiful. I wore the one we got in the office and immediately got compliments when I was out and about. There are tons of charms to choose from. The company also donated 20% of the sales of Rose Quartz, Love Collars and Leashes during Breast Cancer Month.
Prices vary according to product. Buy them at Diphda

Stylish and comfy clothing from Guerriers

Guerriers means warriors in French. You can feel like a warrior and more in this stylish active wear. Teens and adults will love these clothes. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts, tanks, hats, socks, bags and more are all comfy, well-made and look great. Treat yourself or any other woman in your circle to a gift from Guerriers. They’ll be glad you did.
Prices start at $50+, Available on GUERRIERS and Skimlinks

Artsy puzzles from Lemonade Pursuits

We got three of these into the office and they are beautiful. This company is owned by women and the puzzle art is designed by women from all over the world (10% the sales go back to the artists). The designs are stunning, and specifically curated for mindfulness and relaxtion. The puzzles are colorful with a glare-free matte finish. The completed puzzles are around 18" by 24" with a slight variation in sizes, perfect for framing. With 1,000 pieces you will go into the Zen zone and stay there. Bonus: they will replace any pieces that happen to go missing.
Buy on Lemonade Pursuits for $29.99 each

The Transit Insulated Coffee Mug / Camping Mug by Ecovessel

Got a camper in the family? Or just plain coffee lover? Ecovessel, a company dedicated to stainless steel mugs, water bottles, growlers, and tumblers, has come up with a super-sturdy, hard to tip over mug complete with a lid. This mug is awesome with a nice big handle and multi-position open/close slider lid. I use the smallest opening because I spill everything. It keeps my coffee hot for hours. It will also keep beverages cold for up to 48 hours. Our mug came in a rose gold color but there are 4 other colors to choose from. I really like the grippy stuff on the bottom too. It makes it way harder for my cats to push it off my desk.

Buy it from Ecovessel for $24.95

Coretta Bracelet from Bonds and Wonders

This is a fabulous bracelet with burnt orange Agate and gold. It’s a nice, dainty little piece that anybody will love. This design is part of their Wonder Woman Collection and honors Coretta Scott King, author, singer, activist and civil rights leader. You can also mix and match these bracelets with others in their collection. 

Buy on Bonds and Wonders for $32.00

The whole idea of this gift is to let go and get Zen. It is a board that you paint on with just water. When the water dries, your painting goes away. If you have a family member that likes art or just needs to chill, this is for them. I have painted on mine quite a bit and it's kind of nice. You can't mess up. And nobody sees it anyway. It's a nice quiet activity that keeps me off my phone and definitely relieves some anxiety too. It comes in 3 sizes and you get a board and brush. Just add water. (The portable is the one shown)

Buy on Buddha Board from $17.95 - $37.95


The Trio Combo from Tastings Tea

This combo contains 3 kinds of sustainably harvested teas paired with chocolate bars. The Earl Grey Orange Pairing has Earl Grey Tea w/ Theo's Orange 70% Dark Chocolate bar. The Mint Fusion Pairing is a combo of Mints Fusion Tea w/ Theo's Mint 70% Dark Chocolate. Finally, the English and Milk Pairing contains English Breakfast w/ Theo's 45% Milk Chocolate. We tried them all and our tastebuds loved us for it. The Earl Grey tea has lovely floral notes and paired with the orange chocolate reflects the citrusy tones in the tea. The English Breakfast tea is smooth and tasty, especially with a dash of milk or cream. The milk chocolate bar pairs beautifully. The Mint tea with the mint chocolate bar is a true mint lovers dream. The lovely peppermint and spearmint blend wakes will wake you up with a smile.
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Billion Dollar Art Gallery from Billion Dollar Art Gallery

A husband-and-wife team put together 500 paintings in a collection, spanning 900 years and representing styles from Medieval to Neoclassic to Cubism and everything in between that fits neatly onto a USB drive that plugs right into your tv. I am at a loss for words to describe how awesome this product is. Not only do you get the paintings, but you also get captions and music too. From paintings you would recognize anywhere to some lesser-known works, you will travel around the world and through the ages with this gift. Albrecht Durer, Claude Monet, Hieronymus Bosch, and Maria Blanchard are just a drop in the bucket of artists’ work you will see.
Buy this gallery at Billion Dollar Art Gallery for $39.99

PureWine Pink Wand 4 Pack

Pick up some of these cool filtration wands from PureWine and presto! No more headaches or other winey side effects. They work by eliminating histamines and sulfites that cause these issues. They have a 4- or 10-pack of wine wands in silver or pink. Just stick it in your glass, wait 3 minutes, and start enjoying your glass of delicious wine. They are individually wrapped and small enough to tuck into your purse for a night out.
Buy the 4 pack for $11.99 on PureWine

Lasting Freshness Vacuum Seal Food Storage Container Setby Lasting Freshness

The cook in your family will appreciate this nifty storage system. With a patented handheld Vacuum System these containers keep your food fresh up to 5 times longer than traditional storage methods. This was tried by our office staff earlier in the year and earned high marks. Just throw in your food, snap on the top and use the pump to vacuum out the air. Stick it in the fridge and you are done. There are several different sets you can buy depending on your need and budget.
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Lamp Angel by inPOWERED Lights

This light is beyond cool. When the lights go out, it goes on. I love this little lamp. It gives you regular light from the top and the base can be turned on to a multitude of colors. The lamp will give 16-24 hours of continuous backup light. It has a remote control which turns it on and off plus lets you change the colors of the base. It contains a USB port that charges mobile devices with or without electricity. You can even hook it up to your cell. They have other cool emergency lamps too.
Buy it on inPOWERED Lights for $59.99

I couldn't wait to try this one out. This organizer does everything plus it's modular and customizable! It's made of very sturdy metal and can be attached right to your wall (screws provided). The organizer does need to be assembled but the directions are easy and they give you the tools you need so no hunting a screwdriver). This particular model comes with a bin for organizing papers, an erasable calendar, a To List, bulletin board and a spot to hang your keys. You also get 2 liquid chalk markers in silver and blue. I hung the To Do and bulletin boards on the lowest tier and my grandkids had a great time hanging up artwork and drawing on the chalky To Do board. I absolutely live this and totally recommend it for any busy family. 

Price varies according to model. Buy on 1Thrive.

Soy candles from Broken Top Brands

Set the mood for the holidays with these beautifully scented candles. The Mount Bachelor candle scent contains plum, amber and cardamom. The scent is strong but not overpowering. Perfect for the holidays. We also received the Christmas Tree candle that has a lovely pine scent. Again, not too strong, just very pleasant and wintery. My favorite of the three is the Cranberry Orange. Smells divine. With a cotton wick, all of these candles burn evenly and are made in the USA. They come in dark amber glass jars with a lid and the labels are so pretty. With 20 scents, you are sure to find something to please everyone. 

Buy a 4 oz. for $15 or 9 oz. for $26 on Broken Top Brands

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