2020 Daddy and Me Winners

Dads rave about raising happy kids

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Dad’s are an important part of our lives. Like moms, they kiss boo-boos, teach, love, care and play with their children, along with too many other things to mention. We are celebrating our RAD DADS with comments and pics from our dads with their kids around the Hudson valley telling us their favorite part of being a dad. 

We are celebrating 4 dads who are with their kids. They told HVParent their  favorite things about being a dad. Enjoy these beautiful photos and heartfelt comments.

"I love being a dad first and foremost because the moment my son was born I was taken over by an unconditional and unexpected love! A love that, no matter what, grows in to a bond that will never be broken. Also, watching him grow and change day to day, from his little voice to his attitude, learning new movements, finding his tickle spots, seeing him smile and laugh when he gets spoiled knowing that he’s just being a kid and learning to develop before my eyes into a man some day, is breathtaking!"
Anthony, dad to Liam, 1

I absolutely love being a dad. If I had to pick just 2 things that I love about being a father, it would be ... being able to see myself in my boys and guiding them. I love to sit back and watch my children do the same things that I did when I was their age. I love seeing their sense of humor (adopted from me of course). When we do things together like cooking, reading or just tying shoes, it makes me happy to guide them and proud when they accomplish tasks. The boys are super cool and I'm their dad.
Barry, dad to Tyler, 8, and Noah, 5

There’s no right time to become a dad, it’s a gift with no instructions you receive and learn as you go. I have found the journey so far to be a fun and yet a cluster of emotions with multiple jobs. I've been a teacher, superhero, coach, security detail and lately....a fairy. If I had to choose 2 favorite things about being a dad is; the superhero I am in their eyes and the ..."what would you do dad?" questions that loudly states that they trust me. Those two feelings are priceless in my book.
Jairon, dad to Greyson, 9, Sharlett, 14, Serah, 4, and Savanah, 13

I love being a dad. It’s the most rewarding relationship as I am able to see my three children grow into the people they will eventually become. I also love the challenge of knowing that my kids look up to me. Being a dad makes me realize everything I do can either affect them positively or negatively. This is why I do my best to be a positive mentor in anything I do either at home or at work.
David, dad to Daveas, 18, Evan, 12, and Zoë Olivia, 9