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2019 We Love Our Pets Winners

Meet the winners of our contest

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BEAR, 2 years, Shihpoo

Gisela Fredenburg, New Windsor

Bear is the king of the castle. He’s a calm and loving teddy bear, but his human admits that he’s a bit spoiled. He gets his own T-bone steak, potato and ice cream!


CHESTER, 7 months, Border Collie Mix

Kelli Clark, Otisville

Chester is the best guard dog ever, and he’s super-friendly to guests. He’s always up for greeting people, and just got a baby kitten sister to play with.


TALE, 6 years, Australian Shepherd

Ann Singer, Hopewell Junction

Tale is super-smart and great at tricks and Frisbee. He even has his own agility tunnel. He loves hiking, chasing squirrels and his humans, most of all.

Thank you to our sponsors and all who entered and voted for all these beautiful babies.

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