Hudson Valley's Incredible Kids

Meet the kids who are going to change the world!

Hudson Valley's Incredible Kids

There's no denying it...The Hudson Valley is chock-full of Incredible Kids and parents just waiting for the opportunity to brag about them! We asked parents to tell us their biggest wish for their child to be featured in an upcoming issue and the opportunity to be on a future cover of Hudson Valley Parent Magazine. Our staff was overwhelmed with all the great submissions.

We read stories about kids who have overcome bullying and self-confidence, homelessness, medical conditions, premature births and so much more. We read about a mom who has struggled to conceive, a child who lost a sibling and children who are kind, generous, passionate and reaching for the stars!

Choosing ten incredible kids was not easy. Alas, after much deliberation, Hudson Valley Parent is proud to announce our 2019 Incredible Kids! We'd also like to extend a hearty thank you to our Incredible Kids sponsor, The Children's Medical Group.

Akshaja and Elise were chosen to win a photo session with our cover photographers and will be on the cover of an upcoming Hudson Valley Parent Magazine! Congratulations.

Incredible Kid Ashaja
Akshaja, 4 Fishkill

Akshaja's mom writes: "My wish is to have her more respectful and sympathetic to Mother Nature and the wildlife animals. They should understand and come up with more innovative ideas about how to protect and preserve the wildlife and nature. To show more compassion and kindness not just to others but to the nature too".

Elise, 15 Montgomery

Elise's mom writes: "My wish is for Elise to believe in herself as much as we believe in her. She’s a proficient trombone player and plays in school bands, All County, and is a member of the Music Advancement Program at Juilliard. She’s also loves theater and is one of four freshmen in the school musical. This year Elise started training as a classical vocalist. I am amazed by all she can do and not a day goes by when I don’t feel absolutely blessed that she’s in my life".

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We asked parents to tell us their biggest wishes for their child as it pertains to them being an incredible kid. We had such a hard time choosing! Every child entered is an incredible kid but we had to narrow it down from the 100 entries we received. Below are the finalists that will appear inside an upcoming issue!

Anelie, 10 Newburgh
"My biggest hope for my child is that she continues to be the amazing person she is today. Anelie loves math, science, dance, art, sports, hiking and caring for others. She is 98 in the State in math and 96 in ELA and has a passion to one day find a cure for Cancer and Lupus. My hope is that she, because of her amazing grades, will one day receive a scholarship to a top school in the nation. Anelie always finds a way to make me feel better when my body says NO more. She caresses my hair and looks me in the eye and says "it's going to be okay, I will find a cure one day and help stop the pain".  She is one incredible Hudson Valley kid who I know will one day find the cure".

Angelo, 9 Lagrangeville
"My wish is that after suffering a brain tumor and still overcoming many obstacles, he will continue to move mountains and spread his happiness to everyone".

Corinne, 9 Montgomery
"My wish is that Corinne keeps her chin up and knows she’s able to achieve her dreams. Corinne is the kind of kid that always puts 100% of herself into a project or idea. She may not always be successful but her heart is always in the right place. She loves to help others and even asks to help clean or cook. She’s also a giver. She asked if she could give her Christmas money to St. Jude’s Hospital. Corinne has my heart and she would be a great cover kid!"

Jaivyon, 10 Poughkeepsie
"I hope my son fulfills his dreams of becoming a doctor. He is one of the most incredible kids I know. He loves school and maintains an average in the 90’s almost always. He is so strong and amazing. He enjoys playing football and wants to join the Army when he’s older. Our family suffered several tragic life events in the past few years and he has handled everything so well. I am super proud of him. He is the second oldest brother of seven children consisting of all boys and the youngest a girl. One of his brothers passed away as an infant 3 years ago and it impacted Jaivyon greatly however his character remains strong no matter what. He is just truly a great kid and I want the world for him. He’s so smart and ambitious I know he will be a very successful man one day".

Jaycob, 4 Esopus
"I hope that Jaycob will always be better than he was yesterday. I hope he'll have the brightest days when even on the darkest he'll see the light. I hope he'll be wiser then the smart choices he's already made. I hope he'll speak his mind but know the key is to listen more. I hope he'll always be kind, do the right thing and make a difference. I hope he'll grow tall and attend college because he's oh so eager to do both. I hope Jaycob will be Jaycob and know self-love. I hope Jaycob will never stop hoping".

Landon, 2 Poughkeepsie
"Our biggest hope is for Landon to continue to be happy and healthy! Born at 26 weeks and weighed 2 pounds 2 ounces! Landon is now 23 months and is thriving thanks to our community agencies and providers"!

Mikayla, 8 months Newburgh
"Mikayla was my eighth pregnancy after so many losses and my true miracle. I want nothing more for her to be happy, feel loved and be a good person".

Richie, 8 Beekman
"A few years ago my son and I were homeless and lost nearly everything we owned. We went to a shelter with one bag. Richie was only 5, and never once complained. He shared what little toys and clothes he had. To this day Richie remains selfless and grateful for all he has. I've worked hard to rebuild, always striving to give my son a childhood that is magical and happy. I didn't want Life to take anything from him. He's a good student, a great friend, and an avid reader. Richie has hopes to become a k9 police officer, and wants to buy land to build us both a shark shaped farm house! No matter how much we may struggle, I love that my son knows the sky is the limit. Some dreams remain a dream but with hard work and dedication goals can be formed and accomplishments achieved.  For all my son has seen he's an incredible little boy. He has a sense of wonder, he's so full of joy, always smiling and being funny. I hope he has a happy life, one where he never stops reaching for the highest stars".

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