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Go for the gold this summer

10 Ways to Celebrate the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics

2016 rio summer olympic activities for kids hudson valley new york

It is time to break out the American spirit! The Summer Olympics is occurring in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this year from Friday, August 5th to Sunday August 21st. Since this occurs every four years, what better way to celebrate this event that has the whole world involved than getting your family and friends involved as well?

There are so many ways in which you can not only get your family and friends in the spirit of this game but also bring them together. From creating your own obstacle courses to eating some authentic food from around the world, the Olympics will have every one of all ages getting excited as they witness intense games and learn about different countries and cultures.

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1. Make your own race/obstacle course in your own backyard
What better way to get in the spirit of the games than having your very own Olympics at home? Come up with a list of activities that the family could do such as running through the sprinkler, a bean bag toss, gymnastics free style, and much more!

2. Choreograph your own opening ceremony
Do you kids love to perform? Have your kids come up with their own dance or song as they perform their own mini show in front of the family.

3. Make Olympic props
Get creative by making your own Olympic props to use during the games! Your children will love making their own Olympic torches and gold medals. For more Olympic crafts, check out these creative ideas.   

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4. Eat Food from Around the World
Since this year’s Olympics will be held in Rio, celebrate by making authentic Brazilian food. This will help make your family try new foods that they might really enjoy! You can also make different foods from around the world so that your children can experience the different cultures.

5. Decorate with flags
Enjoy this craft idea with your children by coloring the flag on one side of a folded piece of paper and putting the name of the country on the other side. Place these flags around the house to show all the different countries. This will help teach your children about other countries around the world.

6. Design a shirt supporting your country
Grab some paint and plain t-shirts to design your own shirt supporting your team. By supporting the USA team, have your kids paint one of their hands blue to leave a blue handprint on the top left of the shirt and paint red lines going across to represent the American flag.

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7. Play with celebratory sparklers
Celebrate the wins with some sparklers with your family! You won’t have to worry about your children burning their hands with sparklers by putting a protective plastic cup through the sparkler as a shield. Now every one of all ages can enjoy this activity! Check out these directions on how to make this.

8. Baton relay race around the block
Get the whole neighborhood involved by playing a Baton relay race with homemade batons. Split the children up into groups and play as teams of their chosen country. Mark down the spots around the block where the children will hand off the baton. Present the winners with their homemade gold medals!

9. Bake Olympic themed treats
Bake treats together while staying in the Olympic spirit! Bake cupcakes with flags on them, cookies shaped like rings, cake pops in the form of torches, and much more! Get your children involved by having them put the colored frosting to represent the rings or flags on the treats.

10. Play a family ring toss game
Celebrate the Olympics with a family game of ring toss! Split the family up into teams and see who can get the most rings on the peg or bottles. Finish off the game with celebratory Olympic style treats!

Jacqueline Kavana is a student at Mount Saint Mary College and an editorial intern at Hudson Valley Parent.