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17 screen-free activities

17 activities your family can do sans screens

17 screen-free activities

During your family meeting, brainstorm things to do instead of your usual screen time. This list broken up by time of day or activity can get you started.

After school:

1. Play outside. Ride bikes, shoot hoops, blow bubbles, play tag or hide and seek, or run races.

2. Hold a scavenger hunt. Make a list of items you might find in your yard or neighborhood and work in teams or as one group to find them.

3. Draw or do an art project (no need to check Pinterest for inspiration).

4. Daydream. Flop on the ground and watch the clouds or snuggle up inside on a rainy day. Let your mind wander and wonder.


5. Take turns telling “I remember when” stories about when kids were younger or when parents were kids.

6. Begin with gratitude or highs and lows. Each person takes a turn saying something they are thankful for or sharing the high and low points of their day.

7. Use conversation starters. You can buy cards with ideas printed on them or make your own. They can be silly or serious. Here are three to get you started: What character would you most like to meet? What would be your dream vacation? If you could be any animal, what would you be?


8. Learn a new board or card game, or play an old favorite.

9. Read. Read stories aloud as a family or enjoy some quiet time for people to reading separately.

10. Hold a family dance party.

11. Take a walk around the neighborhood together.

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In the car:

12. Crank the music and sing a long.

13. Play I-Spy, 20 Questions, or car bingo, looking for certain objects, letters, or colors.

14. Make up a story together.


15. Visit a museum. Look for student specials or check at your local library for passes. 

16. Spend time hiking at a nature center or recreation area.

17. Get outside as a family to clean up the yard, work in the garden, wash the car, or build something.