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16 steps to a clutter-free home

Every day, millions of people feel overwhelmed at the thought of organizing their home. Accumulating junk is one thing Americans do well. With this in mind, G4 Publishing of Tinley Park, IL,  is providing sixteen simple steps to help families become clutter-free.

"As a working mother of two very active boys, my house can become cluttered very quickly. After many years, I learned how to clear the clutter in my own home and keep it clean and organized at the same time," says Patty Grenda, President of G4 Publishing and creator of The Family Planner. "By offering the following simple steps, my hope is to help others control the chaos in their own homes and clear the clutter once and for all."

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16 simple steps to a clutter-free home:

1. Make the commitment to finally become clutter-free.

2. Be realistic with your expectations.

3. Set goals for yourself and establish an overall game plan.

4. Create a master list including specific details for each problem area.

5. Hire a professional organizer if the job is too big for you to tackle on your own.

6. Ask family and friends for help if hiring a professional is not an option.

7. Set a starting date and mark your calendar.

8. Arrange for a sitter allowing you to focus all of your attention to the task at hand.

9. Make the toughest room first priority.

10. Eliminate distractions by turning off all phones and TV's.

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11. Play some motivating music to create a soothing and more productive environment.

12. Sort through and categorize your clutter into specific groups, such as, storage, garbage, rummage sale, etc.

13. Label the various groups using a color-coded tagging system.

14. Always reward yourself after reaching each goal.

15. Reduce future clutter by putting things back where they belong.

16. Simplify your life by using a daily planner to help keep your new clutter-free home organized.

The Family Planner is a full-size daily planner designed specifically with today's busy family in mind. Its spacious daily columns and weekly view make even the most overwhelming schedules manageable. The new monthly calendar is just one of the endless benefits this unique planner has to offer. The user-friendly format makes The Family Planner a great organizational tool for the entire family. Families can begin using the planner anytime of the year and create a stress-free home by implementing a planning system that really works!