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14 non-candy Valentine's Day gift ideas for school

Easy, fast and fun!

14 Non Candy Valentines Day Gift Ideas for School

Valentine’s Day can be such a fun way to remind our family, friends, spouses and fellow students that we care. It’s nice to receive a colorful card, or a handmade gift that conveys someone’s warm thoughts. However, being the parent who must coordinate 20-30 colorful messages per child, per classroom, can feel a bit overwhelming. Then top it with worries about food allergies and skin sensitivities to cosmetic products, or homemade dough or slime and it can feel like you just can’t make everyone happy.

Because my kids are still too young to celebrate romance, we put our focus on friendship. A good friend doesn’t need to give gifts, but it’s nice to tell our friends what they mean to us. Consumable items like candy, baked goods, or lip balm are easy to buy, but we want to give something to each child they will be able to enjoy no matter what restrictions they have.

Here are 14 non-consumable ideas for classroom Valentine’s gifts:

1. Zoo animal figure and attach a note that says, “Will Zoo Be My Friend?”

2. Small dinosaurs with a note, “Thank You for Being my Friendasaurus!”

3. Small box of crayons with a note that says, “Color Your Heart Out!”

4. A glow stick with a note that says, “You Make the World Glow!”

5. A small match box car with a note that says, “I Like How You Roll!”

6. Superhero mask with a note that says, “Have a Super Valentine’s Day!”

7. Mini rubber duck with a note, “I’m a lucky duck to have a friend like you!”

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8. A fun mini click-pen with a note, “You Are the Write Kind of Friend!”

9. A crazy straw with a note, “Sip! Sip! Hooray it’s Valentine’s Day!”

10. A water color paint set with a note, “You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray.”

11. Mini bottles of bubbles with a note, “You make the day POP!”

12. A mini slinky with a note, “Our Friendship Springs to Mind. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

13. DIY paper bookmarks are fun, functional and colorful!

14. Print out some funny jokes for friends to share and slip inside a homemade card.

All these ideas are great for preschool through elementary aged classrooms. They are all easy to make, require little time and make you look crafty. Of course, the absolute easiest route is to pay for 20 prefab cards in a box that includes tiny stickers and help your child sign their name twenty times. But how easy that really is depends on how willing your child is to sit still long enough to write their name…. twenty times.

Happy Valentine's Day dear readers! I appreciate you! 

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