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13 Summer Reading Tips

Get your reluctant child excited about books

Get your reluctant child excited about books

Having trouble getting your son or daughter to pick up a book? Here are 13 great ideas to get them reading in no time:


  • Talk about books with your children

  • Have plenty of books around the house for your children to select from.

  • Read aloud to your children and hold family read-alouds.

  • Make sure your children have transportation to the library.

  • Visit the library with your children and select books together.

  • Turn off the television one evening per week and spend time reading.

  • Talk with your children about their reading interests.

  • Show excitement and interest in the art and skill of reading and the books that your children are reading.
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  • Select a book by an author who has written something your child read and liked.

  • Read about a culture you know nothing about.

  • Hold sleepover read-a-thons.

  • Have fun making food from stories you have read, like Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs & Ham.

  • Serve as a role model. Let your children see you reading early and often.

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