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Say goodbye to basic parties

11 tips to upgrade your party

Throw a party your guests will never forget with these 11 upgrades.

1. Swap out plain paper decorations for DIY versions.
Plain colored paper cups, plates and decorations are boring. Decorate plain party necessities and make them your own. Start with a bright color and add stencils or stickers or even glitter! Kids can help to personalize the decorations, and make the party exactly what they want.

2. Play games.

While the weather is still nice, head outside and play some classic party games. Potato sack races, three-legged races or even an egg toss are fun games sure to make your guests laugh. Games are a sure fire way to make sure nobody calls your party basic.

3. Come up with a theme.
An easy way to keep yourself organized while also being creative is to have the party follow a certain theme. A beach theme is popular in the summer time and is simple and cheap to execute.

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4. Turn up the tunes.
A well thought out playlist is a great way to keep the mood of the party upbeat. Have guests tell you their favorite song before the party so you can add it to the mix. This way, they will be looking forward to their selected track and will definitely dance when it comes on.

5. Make it a costume party.
To go along with your theme, tell guests they can wear costumes to they party. Don't want to go for a full outfit? Provide accessories for guests when they arrive. Cheap and fun options are hats, leis or even funny glasses.

6. Create your own photobooth.
Your guests will love playing with props at a DIY photobooth. Make a backdrop with a sheet, create your own balloon wall or use crepe paper to make a decorative wall. Provide props like funny hats, feather boas or anything else you can think of! This is a great way to make memories and keep them documented forever.

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7. Have a craft
Kids will love making something to take home. A simple idea is to let them paint wooden letters. Another crafty idea is a make your own cupcake or sundae bar. This is a craft that even the adults will get involved in.

8. Make a tasty punch.
Grab a big punch bowl and fill it with something delicious! A colorful, fresh punch made from juices and real fruit is sure to be a hit. Plus, this option is much healthier than serving sugary sodas.

9. Serve food people will drool over.
The best part about any party is the food and it doesn't have to be expensive to taste good. Try serving all appetizers or finger foods for a creative twist that is definitely not basic! Guests will be able to try a little bit of everything.

10. Give a party favor.

Before your guests leave, give them a party favor to make sure they remember this party forever. These don't have to break the bank. Make it yourself and have the kids help.

11. Don't stress.
The most basic way to not have a basic party is to have fun! If you are enjoying the party, your guests will follow your lead.Parties are about getting loved ones together to have a blast!

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