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10 completely awesome party ideas for kids

Throw the best birthday bash for your little one


Looking for some new ideas for your child’s party? Throw the best birthday bash right in your backyard. Here’s 10 ideas for themed parties that are inexpensive, easy to throw and can be customized  for any birthday kid.

1. Water Party
Cool off this summer with a fun water party! Set up a sprinkler for kids to run through, have a water balloon fight and break out the water guns. Kids will love running around in their bathing suits and getting soaked. Stick to a fun summer theme with your decorations and food to keep the fun going.

2.Pajama Party
A pajama party definitely won’t be a snooze! Have your guests wear their favorite set of pajamas and bring their favorite stuffed animal. Serve pancakes and other breakfast foods with all the works. Whipped cream and sprinkles on a pancake can make it extra festive for a birthday party. Craft necklaces out of cereal and give everybody their own slippers to wear. End the party by snuggling up with comfy blankets and watching the birthday girl or boys favorite movie.

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3. Superhero Party
Be a super mom and throw a superhero party for your little one! Play games like “pin the cape on the superhero” and or spray silly string at a target and pretend you have spidey senses. Make a cape or a superhero mask for each one of your guests to wear during the party for even more fun.

4. Farm Party
A farm themed party can be loads of fun! Serve food with quirky descriptions to go along with your theme. Rice Krispie treats look like hay bales and a platter of fresh vegetables can be the vegetable patch at the farm. Play games like pin the tail on the pig or go bobbing for apples. Have guests wear plaid, overalls or a cowboy hat to go along with the theme.

5.Camping Party
Nothing is s’more fun than a camping party! Sit around the campfire and tell scary stories and make s’mores. Go on a scavenger hunt for things around the yard. Roast hot dogs on the fire for even more camping fun.

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6. Sports Party
You definitely won’t strike out with this party idea! Have guests wear a jersey from their favorite sports team. Plan some sporty games for kids to play and have a ball! Try playing kickball or wiffle ball. Blow up a giant beach ball and play a game of ultimate volleyball.

7.Movie Party
Bring the movie theater to your very own backyard! Set up a screen in the yard and project your kid’s favorite movie or one they have been dying to see. Set up comfy blankets on the grass or make your own “cars” out of cardboard boxes to make it feel just like a drive in. Serve popcorn and classic movie theater refreshments.

8. Carnival Party
Throw a carnival right in your own backyard! Start by serving classic carnival food like popcorn, cotton candy and hot dogs. Place different stations or games around the backyard with different games for kids to play. Ring toss is an easy and fun game to make and play. Try face painting too!

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9. Jungle Party
Guests will go wild for a jungle party! Make paper link snakes as a fun craft. Have guests wear their favorite animal print outfits. Set up an ice cream bar  with jungle themed toppings like animal crackers, bananas and chocolate syrup that will look like zebra stripes on a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

10. Crafting Party

Craft up some fun with a crafting party! Kids will love getting creative. Start the party by giving each guest their own apron to wear. Make something easy and fun. Paint wooden letters or wooden shapes that can be turned into refrigerator magnets. Keep the crafting going by letting each kid decorate their own cupcake to eat while the birthday kid blows out their candles.