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  • Top 10 events for weekend fun

    HVParent rounds up the best local events for the weekend and upcoming week

    We are so lucky that the Hudson Valley is bustling with festivals and fairs, community celebrations and exciting events that make spending time together easy. Make this last month of summer vacation count and check out my top 10 weekend event picks below. read more »
  • Top 10 Yoga Poses for Moms

    Download your guide now

    As a new mom you're body has been put through the wringer. See how yoga can help you quiet your mind and body when motherhood gets rough. read more »
  • Navigating the generation gap

    Co-creations is key

    Since cars were invented and teens asked for the keys on weekends and had a separate time away from parents, teens have been creating their own culture. Continue reading for tips on how to navigate the generation gap with your kids read more »
  • Tips for decorating baby’s first room

    Nesting in full effect

    Whether you are bringing home your first baby or your fifth, as you stare into the empty space that will become your baby's first room it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Check out these nursery tips. read more »
  • Time-out alternatives

    Creative consequences for kids

    There are more constructive solutions than time-out that will not only calm your child down, but can strengthen your relationship and reduce the likelihood of repeat behavior. read more »
  • There's a app for that

    Digital resources to help parents protect their kids online

    It's so important to keep your kids safe while surfing the internet. Check out these great apps that help parents protect their kids online. read more »