Local Parents

  • Killing the arts is probably not the best way to educate our kids

    We must support all forms of the arts because that is what makes us human

    When our government is changing directions, we must make our voice heard by supporting the arts. It is through art education that our kids learn what it is to live a full life. read more »
  • Tips for making the BEST snow cream

    Drop the shovel and watch this video!

    We have a ton of snow outside, why not use some of it to make a sweet treat for you and the kids? Watch this video for our favorite snow cream recipe. read more »
  • Keep your kids out of debt

    5 tips for raising financially fit kids

    As parents, we have a special opportunity to teach our kids about money and how they can handle it responsibly so they stay out of debt down the line and know how to save for their future needs and wants. read more »
  • I am a Hudson Valley Parent: Courtney Allen

    Embracing the drama

    After college, Courtney Allen of Newburgh fell into a career as a caseworker, a field that comes with an abundance of conflict and catastrophes. But it was a different kind of drama that she was craving. read more »
  • ME TIME: Just for Women

    6 tips to improve your health

    Everyone wants to look and feel their best. Check out these 6 tips to improve your health and well being. read more »
  • ME TIME: Just for Women

    6 brilliant ideas from going back to school to starting your own business

    Whether you're thinking about going back to school or starting your own business, check out these six tips for earning more in 2017. read more »