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  • Fun on the field: Sports camps for kids

    Find a summer camp to help improve your child's sports skills

    Whether your child hopes to be the next pro quarterback, or simply wants to learn how to run a two-on-three fast break, you can find the perfect sports camp experience here in the Hudson Valley. read more »
  • 8 tips for easing homesickness

    Child Behavioral expert, Dr. Paul Schwartz offers advice

    Child behavioral expert Dr. Paul Schwartz explains how parents can ease a case of being away from home whether they are at Hudson Valley camps or a friend's house. read more »
  • How to Make Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

    CSA inspired Easter fun for kids

    Learn how to dye your Easter eggs using farm vegetables and spices. Visit your local farm market for the freshest produce and even eggs! read more »
  • Reading, writing and robots – Oh my!

    Local libraries have a lot to offer

    Although many people today have access to endless information on their smartphones, the Internet can't provide context and social opportunities, or ways of learning that don't involve reading. That's where libraries today come in. read more »
  • 10 activities to encourage mindfulness

    Raising mindful kids in the Hudson Valley

    Teaching your family to be mindful is one of the best things you can do for their well-being. Continue reading for activities to encourage mindfulness. read more »
  • Proud to play like a girl

    Your daughter and contact sports

    Studies show that girls who compete are 92% less likely to get involved with drugs, almost three times as likely to graduate from high school and have fewer self-esteem issues than non-athletes. read more »