Middle / High School

  • Prom Season is Here!

    Promposal ideas to help your teen find a date to prom

    Every prom season, teens get more and more creative with their "promposals." Is your teen excited for prom, but looking for a fun way to ask their date? Here's some fun ideas! read more »
  • Growing up Gender Non-Conforming or Transgender

    Help your child develop their gender identity

    As a parent, your responsibility is to make sure you provide your children with the tools they need to grow into healthy, happy adults. Gender is a huge part of your child's identity. Help them express their true selves! read more »
  • Local parents brag about their kids

    These creative kids are INCREDIBLE!

    Meet a dancer, a young entrepreneur and a baby who's loved music since before she was born. read more »
  • Does your child's school make the grade?

    Hudson Vally school districts ranked

    How good is your child's education? The top Hudson Valley schools were ranked and 12 made the grade. Where does your kid's school rank? read more »
  • Real Talk

    Discussing important issues with your teens

    We unflinchingly cover topics like bullying, racism, the opioid epidemic, negative body image and more to help our parents navigate through this stage with the advice of a noted psychologist and Hudson Valley Parents who have been there. read more »
  • How to deal with mean girls

    5 ways to fend off mean girls

    Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by a mean girl. Teach your kid when to stand up for herself and when to walk away. read more »