Middle School

  • MOM: Show me the money!

    Should parents pay their children for good grades?

    For some parents, a monetary award is an incentive for their kids to work hard in school. For others, money rewards overshadow the importance of teaching children values. Either way, this topic is a huge debate among parents. Check out what people think about this issue. read more »
  • Are your ruining your child's future?

    How parents might be negatively impacting their kids’ future before college

    A former university president says parents can save time and money by making sure they ask their future college students the right questions, avoid common mistakes read more »
  • Change the direction of your child's life

    Students invited to learn about lesser-known colleges

    New book could change the course of your child's life for the better. read more »
  • The job hunt: teen edition

    Advice for teens looking to land a summer job

    There are specific things teenagers can do to improve their chances on being hired for seasonal employment at businesses and organizations around the Hudson Valley. read more »

    Empowering young minds through math and science

    Local mom shares her 12 years of engineering experience and love of math and science with young girls in the Hudson Valley. read more »
  • Are emotional children smarter?

    Dr. Paul Schwartz examines emotions and intelligence

    In his monthly column, Child Behavior, Dr. Paul Schwartz examines the limitations of the traditional IQ test and the subsequent rise in popularity of tests for emotional intelligence to predict a child's competence and potential for success. read more »