Early Childhood


    Empowering young minds through math and science

    Local mom shares her 12 years of engineering experience and love of math and science with young girls in the Hudson Valley. read more »
  • Are emotional children smarter?

    Dr. Paul Schwartz examines emotions and intelligence

    In his monthly column, Child Behavior, Dr. Paul Schwartz examines the limitations of the traditional IQ test and the subsequent rise in popularity of tests for emotional intelligence to predict a child's competence and potential for success. read more »
  • Best educational apps for kids

    Android- and Apple-friendly educational apps

    Sorting through the thousands of learning apps out there to find the ones that work can be a trick. That's why we're sharing a few recommendations for both Android and Apple devices. read more »
  • How to not raise a serial killer

    Tips and tools on teaching kids to care

    When can children start to show that they care for others? West Camp behavior analyst and mental health counselor Stacey Trapani-Barber hints that it may begin earlier than we think. read more »
  • What to do when your kids are driving you bonkers

    Creative consequences for kids

    There are more constructive solutions than time-out that will not only calm your child down, but can strengthen your relationship and reduce the likelihood of repeat behavior. read more »
  • 4 ways to teach your child to enjoy school

    School time doesn't have to be a drag

    School day dread can be a tough issue to face with your child. You want them to look forward to the place where they spend the most time. But not every child embraces education with glee. read more »