Early Childhood

  • That Time Mommy Brain Made Me Shoplift

    Dear Officer....

    Everyone told me I would be more tired that I’ve ever been and have crazy “mommy brain,” but I didn’t truly understand the gravity of that term until my first week home with my newborn. read more »
  • Flexibility 101: Reading

    Reading is so important. It develops listening skills and models conversations.

    One of the hardest things I’ve had to do in Early Intervention is teach my son flexibility, but it’s so very important for us both, to learn how to cope when things aren’t the same. If your child, like mine, is rigid with reading time, here’s a few ways to broaden their reading experience. read more »
  • A child's vocabulary blooms in nature

    Open the door to open up all new ways to learn

    Building a child's vocabulary and love of learning is as simple as stepping outside. See what experts have to say about the benefits of heading outdoors to learn. read more »
  • My Sensory Son's Top 10 Favorite Things At The Zoo

    The animals didn't even make the list!

    What’s the point in going to the zoo if not to check out the cool animals? Well, to Simon, there were other attractions that he really enjoyed, we just weren’t listening. read more »
  • When You Hold My Hand

    My little boy, you are growing up so fast. I want you to know, that no matter what, you are safe and I will always be here for you, so I hold you hand. I wish I could hold onto these moment forever. read more »
  • Sensory Seeking vs. Sensory Defensive

    Children with Sensory Processing Disorder Can Be Sensory Seekers or Defensive, or Both.

    Children with SPD struggle with regulating their senses. In an effort to normalize what they are feeling, children will modify their play and actions depending on how much or how little sensory input they need. read more »