Special Needs

  • Time for the Tooth Fairy?

    The whole tooth about the going rate on teeth, and other fun facts

    What is developmentally normal when it comes to baby tooth loss, how does the tooth-obsessed fairy collect her pearly prizes, and what is the paying pixie’s going rate for a baby tooth these days? read more »
  • 6 things every parent must know about sunscreen

    Sunscreen expert answers four common questions

    We asked sunscreen expert, Nicole Paraszczuk a personal care and cosmetic product chemist for the most current consumer information. read more »
  • Let's talk about sex!

    Tips for talking to your children about sex

    Sex is a fact of life and as normal as breathing. Being positive and realistic about an issue isn’t the same as giving them permission. The goal of talking about sex in an open, healthy, honest light is to help develop an understanding of the issues and provide your child with good decision-making skills about sex. read more »
  • Could YOU be the reason your child is a spoiled brat?

    Ways to NOT let that happen

    Most overindulgent parents who give in to temper tantrums or crying or whining are well-meaning, but they’re none-theless teaching their children that this is how to get their way. read more »
  • How to not raise a serial killer

    Tips and tools on teaching kids to care

    When can children start to show that they care for others? West Camp behavior analyst and mental health counselor Stacey Trapani-Barber hints that it may begin earlier than we think. read more »
  • A practical guide to a mindful home

    Tips for everyday mindfulness

    Having a "mindful home" doesn't require doing yoga, posting Pinterest quotes, or mandatory meditation. You can live a mindful life without doing any of those things. Check out these practical tips from Mindfulness expert, Kathy Walsh read more »