• Who Am I Without EI?

    For over two years my life has been all about Early Intervention and now that it’s over, I feel so very lost.

    My son is moving on and transitioning well into his first week of Preschool, but there’s no transition for parents. What am I supposed to do now? read more »
  • What is Sensory Processing Disorder?

    Sensory Processing Disorder is more than difficulty coping with bright lights and loud noises.

    SPD is so much more than just an “over sensitivity”. For some children on the spectrum, it can also mean that their bodies aren’t sensitive enough and may even get hurt because they don’t feel pain. Sensory Processing Disorder, in the very basic of terms, really means that there’s a breakdown of how the person is receiving and filtering stimulation. read more »
  • Teaching Feelings To Children On The Spectrum

    Children on the spectrum can learn to identify emotions using toys and social stories.

    Children on the spectrum often have challenges expressing and understanding emotions. The subtle social cues, that we take for granted, can be met with confusion or missed entirely. Using multiple reinforcements through play and social stories is the approach that helped my son. read more »
  • Learning Play & Socialization Through Musical Munchkins

    Musical Munchkin provides wonderful opportunity for toddlers to learn play and socialization skills

    Music class has such a positive impact on a child's mental, social and emotional growth in so many ways. read more »
  • Reducing Barrier Stims

    Using Redirection and Replacement techniques have reduced barrier behaviors.

    Through Early Intervention, we learned lots of techniques that have helped reduce barrier Stims while giving Simon more appropriate activities to address his sensory needs. read more »
  • Keeping Perspective And Humor

    An embarrassing moment changed to fun through my son's hilarious antics.

    Despite all of our daily struggles and tears, my son always makes me laugh and reminds me to take it easy. Simon never lets me forget to just chill and laugh, especially at the most inopportune times. read more »