School Age

  • Dr. O'Brien: Board Certified Pediatrician and Internal Medicine Physician

    A new doctor has joined the Middletown Medical team!

    Congratulations to Dr. Michael R. O'Brien and Middletown Medical on their collaboration! Looking for a new doctor for you or your kids? Dr. O'Brien is ready for new patients! read more »
  • Make the most out of summer

    Send your kids to a camp that fosters learning and creativity

    Send your creative kid to the right camp. Bust brain drain and foster creativity at a camp where your child learns through play and expresses their artistic side. read more »
  • Does your picky eater get the nutrients he needs?

    6 ways to get your kids to eat healthy

    Is meal time a struggle? Let your little one get involved in meal planning and preparation. Plus 5 more tips to encourage even the pickiest eater to try foods that taste good and are good for them. read more »
  • 7 Oral Health Tips for Parents

    Protect your Child's Teeth

    In honor of Children's Dental Health Month, the dentists at Putnam Dental Associated thought it would be a great time to remind parents about the importance of early childhood dental visits. Establish good oral hygiene at a young age with these 7 tips. read more »
  • Young people are creators

    Your kids create outside the box at The Art Effect

    Mill Street Loft and Spark Media Project have merged to become The Art Effect. In a time where people consider art education a luxury, we think there has never been a better time for young people to create outside the box. read more »
  • It's not too late to get a flu shot

    Protect your family from the dangers of the flu

    Healthy families are happy families. Keep yourself and your children flu free this year. It isn't too late to get vaccinated, according to the CDC. Follow these prevention tips to keep yourself healthy and be able to recognize the symptoms and act fast if the flu does strike. read more »