School Age

  • Time for the Tooth Fairy?

    The whole tooth about the going rate on teeth, and other fun facts

    What is developmentally normal when it comes to baby tooth loss, how does the tooth-obsessed fairy collect her pearly prizes, and what is the paying pixie’s going rate for a baby tooth these days? read more »
  • Is it time to cut the cord?

    Questions to ask if you think you are an overprotective parent

    Hudson Valley Child Expert, Dr. Paul Schwartz discusses the questions parents must ask themselves if they feel that they are overprotective. read more »
  • Treat common summer skin woes

    Tips to avoid and treat irritation, rashes and bites

    Here’s a handy guide your family can use to avoid and treat skin woes, such as itching and pain, most common in the summer months. read more »
  • Protect your family from tick bites and Lyme disease

    Become a backyard boss! Here's what to look for:

    Become a backyard boss! Prevent ticks with the BLAST method: Bathe, Look for ticks, Apply repellants, Spray the yard and Treat your pets. read more »
  • Are emotional children smarter?

    Dr. Paul Schwartz examines emotions and intelligence

    In his monthly column, Child Behavior, Dr. Paul Schwartz examines the limitations of the traditional IQ test and the subsequent rise in popularity of tests for emotional intelligence to predict a child's competence and potential for success. read more »
  • Honestly, It's not even my fault that I'm so bossy!

    How birth order affects personality

    Dr. Paul Schwartz on how birth order affects personality read more »