• Dr. O'Brien: Board Certified Pediatrician and Internal Medicine Physician

    A new doctor has joined the Middletown Medical team!

    Congratulations to Dr. Michael R. O'Brien and Middletown Medical on their collaboration! Looking for a new doctor for you or your kids? Dr. O'Brien is ready for new patients! read more »
  • 7 Oral Health Tips for Parents

    Protect your Child's Teeth

    In honor of Children's Dental Health Month, the dentists at Putnam Dental Associated thought it would be a great time to remind parents about the importance of early childhood dental visits. Establish good oral hygiene at a young age with these 7 tips. read more »
  • It's not too late to get a flu shot

    Protect your family from the dangers of the flu

    Healthy families are happy families. Keep yourself and your children flu free this year. It isn't too late to get vaccinated, according to the CDC. Follow these prevention tips to keep yourself healthy and be able to recognize the symptoms and act fast if the flu does strike. read more »
  • Nominate your favorite doc or healthcare professional to be a 2018 Favorite!

    Sign up and tell us how great your doctor is

    If you have a doctor, dentist or health care professional that goes above and beyond, take this opportunity to recognize all they do to keep you and your family happy and well! read more »
  • Looking for a great doctor?

    Our readers crown their 2017 Favorite Docs

    Our readers have submitted over 450 comments for 350 of their favorite healthcare professionals right here in the Hudson Valley. Read what they have to say. read more »
  • Avoid Winter Injuries

    Winter safety tips from the professionals

    Doctors from Middletown Medical provide tips on how to stay safe during the winter. Local parents and children need to stay warm and be careful during these snow and ice filled months. read more »