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Sending Your Child Off To Kindergarten

5 Ways to Stay Connected During the School Day

I was cleaning out last year's back packs getting ready to go back to school in a few weeks, when I found this hand print hiding in a pocket. It's my hand print and I'll bet you are wondering why I made a cut out of my own hand?

My twins started Kindergarten last year and they were so anxious about being away from me and from each other. Kindergarten was the first time they would be in separate classrooms. It actually made all of us anxious. They did attend a few hours of preschool each week for a year, then they attended half day Pre K the following year. Even though we spent some time apart, we spent every day of our lives together since the day they were born. We made our own adventures and kept our own schedule. I wanted to ease their anxiety and make them feel more confident to face this new school year.

If you are sending a Kindergartner off for the very first time this year, or if you are sending your last baby off to school for their first time, you may be looking for ways to stay connected. I’m not going to lie and say it is easy to watch that school bus roll away with your very precious cargo, but sending them off with a few fun ways to let them know you are thinking of them makes it a little easier.


5 Ways to Stay Connected during Your Child’s School Day

1. The Kissing Hand. We read this book the whole week leading up to their first day. Then the night before they boarded the bus we each traced our hands and cut them out. I placed a copy of mine in each of their back packs, and I promised to carry their little hands with me all day. And I really did! (I may be the only mom that cried for two whole weeks at the bus stop).


2. Pictures say it all. I purchased each of my girls an inexpensive locket to carry pictures in, one family picture and one picture of each other. They wore them every day for 2 weeks. You can also put a small, soft photo album with a few family photos in it and slip it into their school bag. If you communicate early to the teacher that it is in their bag they can help your child pull it out if necessary.


3. Create a command station. Even though these stations remain empty while the kids are at school, this will be the connecting point in their day. They will have everything they need to bring into their day at school, and it will be a place to unload the school day at home. In our command station I’ve included a wall mount, clear file box (found at office supply stores) where we keep all of our papers to be signed or returned, and important notices I need to see right away. I’ve also framed positive sayings for each kid that I read to them every morning.


4. Lunchbox notes. You don’t need anything fancy to tell your kid you love them. I always draw a silly face on a Post-it note that says “I Love You.” My kids were not readers at the start of Kindergarten, but they could easily read the words I love you. If you need lunch ideas, or fun printables for the lunch box you can find them here.


5. Create small traditions. The first day of Kindergarten was hard on us. It was a totally new experience for us after five years of making our own schedule, and playing together most of the day. So a little treat was exactly what we all needed! I baked my kids' favorite cookies and as soon as I picked them up from the bus we ran home to eat them, excited to share the details of our day. We vowed every Friday we would have cookies and milk after school to officially kick off our weekend. Having this little tradition to look forward to each week gives us something to count down to together.


So, first time Kindergarten mom's, I feel you. It is hard to watch a big piece of your heart drive off to be in someone else's care each day. But believe me you are both growing in new ways and there is so much to enjoy in this new season of parenthood. Plus, if you plan it right you will get together to cry into a Mimosa with the other moms as soon as you lose sight of that bus. 

Your little ones will come home with so many new and exciting things to share. And when you get to watch them grow into readers and they make new friendships your heart will feel lighter. I promise!


Seasoned mom's, what advice do you have for first time Kindergarten moms?

The Whatever Mom is a full-time wife and twin mama living on coffee and wine. She enjoys the pure rush of cleaning the BIG potty between loads of laundry. It is her dream that moms everywhere accept and embrace the Whatever Mom philosophy which can be found here. You can also find her musings and popular shares on Facebook and Twitter. Stay up to date with her creative ideas and outings on Pinterest. 

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