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 Joan Miller Healthy Life

No Gym Required/Workout on Your Stairs: Push-ups

Mar 27, 2017

In part two of our No Gym Required series, we’ll be doing push-ups on the stairs. This is an ideal way to work our way up to “regular” floor push-ups. Doing this move on the stairs allows us get a full range of motion that may not be possible on the floor depending on your strength...


Celebrate Spring With The Magic of Butterflies

Mar 22, 2017

As the mountains of snow start to melt, it is finally starting to feel more like spring. This is the time of year we get outside more and watch everything spring to life again. Including winged creatures. Some are beautiful and some are down right annoying when they go buzzing by. But I bet everyon...


A Year in the Life: Minestrone Revisited

Mar 23, 2017

This time of year begs for warm, comforting, hearty dishes that come together quickly.  Who has time to spend in the kitchen when there’s two feet of snow to shovel?  The beauty of minestrone soup is that it’s never the same twice and doesn’t get boring, at least not in our house.  The basic f...

Make music part of our kid's education  terrietalk

Killing the arts is probably not the best way to educate our kids

Mar 16, 2017

When our government is changing directions, we must make our voice heard by supporting the arts. It is through art education that our kids learn what it is to live a full life.

 The No Drama Mama

5 Reasons My Trip to NYC Made Me Appreciate Living in the Hudson Valley

Jan 3, 2017

This week my husband decided that we should do an impromptu trip to New York City to see the Christmas lights and the tree at Rockefeller Center before they are taken down for the season. Since we didn’t get a chance to see any lights this year and because a trip to the big city is always an adventu...