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Healthy Food, get healthy, womans health, get fit  Danielle Schuka

The American Heart Association’s Life’s Simple 7

Mar 31, 2017

Each day as woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, co-worker, consumer, resident and more, I am challenged to be my most healthy self. Like many of you, I am challenged by the limited number of hours in the day, the various demands from home and work life and, of course, by my internal voice always itching for what is quick and easy.

side planks for hips  Joan Miller Healthy Life

No Gym Required/Hip Workout: Side Planks

Apr 24, 2017

It's easy to tone your hips at home and only takes a few minutes.

How to take Newborn photos, newborn photography, baby pictures, how to  Kate Callahan


Apr 20, 2017

A professional newborn photo shoot is a wonderful experience for families. But if it's not in the budget, or if you just want to attempt the photos yourself for other reasons, here are a few easy setups you can try yourself.

Hudson Valley, Travel, Kids, Kid-friendly day trips, family day trips, Beacon, Places to go, playgrounds, Things to do, toy stores, train, main street, museums  Katie’s Hudson Valley Travel Journal

A Perfect Day in Beacon

Apr 23, 2017

An ultimate family day in Beacon; amazing local food, kid- friendly art museums, eclectic toy stores, glass blowing and an awesome waterfront playground!

Homeschooling on Spring Break  Stephanie

A Year in the Life: Spring Break, Homeschool Edition

Apr 20, 2017

We're immersed in the learning process, but also looking forward to the more-relaxed, slower paced summer ahead.


Sugarholic 101: Changing snack food

Feb 10, 2017

I remember this story from 3 years ago. As I continue my journey on Sugarholic Road, I thought I would share it again. This is a Friday day for me. I had two major projects to complete and, you guessed it, neither got done. One of our office computers had a Trojan virus that captured the screen and ...

Dr Padma Garvey/Plant-Based Doctor Mom  The Plant-Based Doctor Mom

Looking At Dairy From All Angles

Apr 24, 2017

While dairy consumption served a purpose in the past, its nutritional value in today's society is questionable.

 The Whatever Mom

Make and Take Entertainment for Kids

Apr 26, 2017

Entertainment for kids, Kids, Activities, Take it with you, Mini Travel Pouch